So what did you buy BEFORE the price increase?

  1. Come on, fess up!! What did you guys buy before the price increase?:nuts:
  2. moviegirl....paging moviegirl............kou says it's time to "FESS UP!!!!"

    as for me, well most of u know DH got me the blk birkin and bearn last week. price hike for small leather goods does not go into effect until the 15th, so i've got time to get a few more things....:devil: esp since i'll be in vegas again next weekend!
  3. Well, I was lucky enough that my new Rouge H Double Tour watch band showed up. When I went to pick it up I was looking around, but you know how it goes...when you are trying really hard there is nothing you want.
  4. PBC~~~hmmmmmmm...oh well...fessin' up is for the weak!! Will have to just wait til I pick it up!!!
  5. So true ... I was trying REAL HARD to find the right lizard but alas, no luck.:push:
  6. Ummm....ostrich agenda...since parting with my ostrich bag I wanted a little something ostrich!
  7. shoes...good for you...I want to see pics of that!

    peanutbabycakes...LUCKY YOU! Vegas again. The next time I go I am pm'ing you in case you will be there the same time.
  8. just an agenda...want a wallet but no luck so far....
  9. I got lots of scarves and a couple of scarf rings.
  10. As reported before I go t a 35 kelly rouge G in clemence and 2 scarves
  11. A few scarves, a 37cm Ebene Bolide and my 35cm Gold Clemence (very lucky that the store called before the price increase!). Now I need to take a big break before the Paris trip in April!
  12. 3 twillys (bolduc, les cles, and a navy one with the letters HERMES scattered all around), 1 pocket square (Tour Effeil S'Envole), 1 scarf (Les Ponts de Paris) 1 bracelet with animals spelling out HERMES, a bottle of Elixir de Merveilles and la grande finale, 30CM Clemence Birkin in Raisin...busy girl
  13. Are the scarf prices going up?
  14. Black box calf trifold bearn w/ palladium
  15. Just a couple of key chains - Alligator (or croc, I don't know what it is), pig & clover.
    Wide enamel bracelet - red with Hermes names all around.