So What did y'all buy from the sale?

  1. I wanna see pics! I know you probably won't have your bag if you ordered online. But I would still like to see what you got! I didn't buy anything so I'll have fun seeing what everyone got!:yes:
  2. You didn't get anything from the sale?!?! AND WHY NOT!?!!

    It's not too late you know ;)
  3. I bought this to use as a gym bag....or beach bag..
    LOVE IT!!
  4. I picked up these 2 bags today! :yes:
  5. The red bag is that the large one its cute. Congrats.
  6. Thank you! Yes, its the Large size. :smile:
  7. Was it on sale? How much for the large red one I love it
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]

    The first photo is from Gucci. :yes: I got sandals from the cruise line the Bouvier and wallet in green and a make-up bag. The second is Prada shoes and MJ clutch I picked up at the Saks & NM sale.:heart: I bought Gucci ballerina Guccissma flats I took them back today (wrong size).:sad: I'm waiting for them should get that next week.:noworry: The rest of my Gucci stuff should come in tomorrow.:lol:
  9. selena..can I ask how much was the tote?
  10. ^ Are u asking what Sunshine got? If so, that tote is 299 according to the website.
  11. Yes 40% off. :amuse:
  12. Wow, great buys aprild! I too, am waiting for a couple more Gucci bags to come - lol!
  13. I got this from the website
  14. [​IMG]I got this one online because I have the shoes already to match
  15. [​IMG]this one in black