So, what did everyone get from the Shirise sale?

  1. I just called and placed my order with David - he laughed when I said he came recommended by the girls on TPF.

    Anyway, I ordered an First in Ink!!! :biggrin: I am still debating whether to call back and get the City bag in Emerald............
  2. I bought a Cornflower Blue City yesterday:yahoo: .. Would love to call back for another one today but I'm resisting...
  3. Sorry but what is Shirise and what kind of sale did they have??
  4. City in Origan. My first BBag. I'm excited for it to arrive!!
  5. Chip--how much Khaki is there in Origan--is it more green or more like army green?
  6. Shirise is a boutique in Chicago that sells Balenciaga. Chigirl had mentioned them before. Bella Blonde went by there yesterday & they were having a 20% off sale on Balenciaga (& other designers too) Anyway, they sold their B-bags online you couldn't get the discount online, you had to call in. ;)
  7. It's a store, they are having mother's day sale and Balenciaga is included. It's 20% off. If you go under the Deals and Steals, you'll see their info. Also, the sale ends today.:angel:

    Oops... I see acegirl already posted. I can be so dense sometimes....
  8. Thanks guys!

    Oh its a good thing I'm not crazy about any of the colours the have left! I've spent waaaaaaay too muc money this week on bags and furniture!
  9. I got a Lilac City, my very first B Bag!
  10. what? they have ink? i called and they said they do not have it.

    so i got a lilac city. Please someone tell me this is gonna be nice. what if i do not like it? i start to worry....

    wow, travel bag we posted at the same time =)
  11. Hey magicbug! I too was debating on which color to get. I ordered yesterday afternoon, relatively quick after the first message about the sale was posted so I was probably one of the first ones to call. David, the SA who helped me was surprised to hear where I heard the sales from. Anyway, I thought about the Ink (it was still available) and the Orange because I like how rich the colors are but for me ... I think the Lilac will be cuter and appear younger. I saw the Lilac in person and even though it is different from the Lilac from 2004 (which is TDF), I like it on me. It's a very personal choice. Don't worry I think you will like it. If not, I am sure you can sell on Ebay for retail!
  12. Thank you so much! It is great to hear that you selected it when ink was still in stock. I always look good when i wear lilac color but am not so sure for a handbag, especially for a city, which i plan to carry most of the time. But you are right, i still have ebay :biggrin: and maybe i will like it a lot!
  13. I went there just to check on what they had (no intention of buying) but ended up getting the rouille hobo.
  14. That's the reason I won't allow myself inside the store! :cool:
  15. Do you live nearby too? Burbs or city?