So what color is mouse?

  1. The mouse Stam bag on is shouting my name, but I'm having a hard time telling what the color will look like IRL. Has anyone seen it? Is it more of a grey color or a taupey color? I just got my zip clutch in graphite yesterday and I absolutely love the color. :biggrin: Anyone know how mouse compares to graphite? Or just what color mouse really looks like IRL? Thanks! :smile:

  2. Bloemetje,

    I saw Mouse IRL, it doesn't look like the picture on at all. TFS member ilovepostino adjusted the color to show the IRL color, it's too big to post here so I'm including the link only:

    TFS member style101 gave the following description:
    "The Mouse is closer to Cola than to Taupe (except non-patent of course), but the Mouse has slightly more of a grey undertone than Cola did. It's like the greyer version - you'd really have to struggle to see any brown."
  3. I'd totally call it taupe, with gray undertones. Does NOT look at all like the pic online.
  4. Thanks so much for all the info!
    Now it's really SHOUTING my name - I think I'm going to have to heed the call. :roflmfao:
  5. I love that color! It is weird how those major department stores cannot get an accurate depiction of the color!
  6. It SO does not look like that picture. Not nearly that grey.
  7. On the website, the color mouse on the stam looks like graphite. But if you go on and look at mouse on the Stam Hobo it looks metallic and if you go on, it looks more like a taupey-grey! So it really is hard to tell.
  8. Thanks again for all the help. I called the MJ store today too and the SA told me he thought it was taupe with a grey undertone (and not grey with a taupe undertone which is how it looked to me in the saks picture).
    I just ordered it from and can't wait for it to arrive! :biggrin:
    It seems to be a pre-order now but with a ship date of 7/20 so hopefully I'll have it within the month.
  9. Bloemetje, hope you will love your Mouse Stam when it comes. =)
    Did you remember to use the current promotion code (SHOPJUNE) for 10% off? =)

  10. If you want it now, and want to cancel that order, they are in stock at Nordstrom MacArthur Center. I was there today and they had two or three... 757-314-1111.
  11. Yep, bag.lover, I did remember to use the promotion code. Thanks for the tip though! ;)

    Thanks BagHound - I'm actually fine waiting a few weeks for it to arrive. I just got a new zip clutch and a YSL Muse this week so it will be better for me politically to not get another big package for a little while at least. :rolleyes: :roflmfao:
  12. I hear you. :yes: Just thought I'd offer it up... they said the Mouse Stams just arrived Sunday and they are stunned they aren't gone already! You will love yours... I debated between Mouse and Black, but ended up going with Black.
  13. Congrats on the black stam! I debated between mouse and black too but then realized there is a reason I've never owned a black bag before - I'm just not partial to black bags on me. The stams in black do look gorgeous though! :heart: