So What Can I Carry in My Make-Up Bag

  1. So, I'll be flying for the first time since the recent airport lockdowns. I used to carry all my make-up on board. Now there are limits as to what I can carry, but it seems as though it is changing everyday. It even changes with who you ask! So, I got the no liquids (foundations, perfumes) or lipgloss. What about lipstick, creme foundation, powder foundation, blush (powder or stick), eyeliner pencils, eyeshadow? No lotion either? Help, what can I bring and do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks.:sweatdrop: (I'm sweating this)
  2. Honestly, you really should call that airport, seems to be some inconsistencies across the country. Some still don't allow anything more than travel documents.
  3. check everything in..... otherwise call your airline
  4. As long as you are flying within the US, you can carry aboard lipstick/chapstick but no lip glosses. Powders can come on board so if you haven't already, I would suggest investing in some mineral foundation. Mascara is not allowed so if you don't want to check your luggage, buy some cake Mascara. Moisutrizers, lotions and toothpaste is still not allowed.
  5. from the uk you aren't even allowed lipbalm :wtf: nothing at all. they must be making a fortune in the duty free.
  6. i flew yesterday and powders wernt even allowed so to be on the safe side id pack EVERYTHING in your suitcase and just buy somethings in duty free. You can buy anything in duty free but somebody please correct me if im wrong you cant take alcohol/liquids that size into/out the US.
    My mum had her bag searched and the woman next to us had powder, lipgloss, deoderant (the stick kind) and lipbalm taken off her! theyre being very strict nothing is allowed.
  7. Anything in liquid and gel forms are not allowed, so no liquid/cream foundation, lotion, toothpaste, mascara, etc. Any makeup in powder form is OK.
  8. It's more strict in the UK. In the US, powder is allowed.
  9. What is the point of this? Did I miss something in the news? I cannot bring my laura mercier tinted moisterizer?! Well there goes my potential "This is _____ my boyfriend/husband, we met on a plane to..."
  10. :yes: Get some Bare Escuentials, it's pretty much the only make-up allowed on the plane. Everything else, including lipstick, has to be checked. Not even carmex on the plane:sad:
  11. Well...almost 2 months ago, there was a big bust in London, Uk, havent you read the newspaper or seen the news ?:confused1:

    Anyways, to be on a safe side i would suggest to check everything in! So much easier and lighter to travel this way! To make sure you can call your airline and they will tell you for sure what you can and what you can't bring. Have a wonderful trip :smile:
  12. As long as you are travellling in the US, lipstick and chapsticks are okay. Don't know about Carmex.
  13. Just checked the link & carmex & lip gels are prohibited.....but corkscrews are ok:wtf:
  14. I know...:wtf: