So what Bbags did you get or buy for yourself for Xmas?

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  1. I know many of your hubbys have gotten you Bbags for Xmas morning...did any of you buy one for yourself for a present? And which one?

    I managed to find/buy myself:

    *a large Rouge Toilet Case
    *a Chocolate Boobie
    *a Teal Shoebag

    and I cant wait for them to arrive! Merry Christmas to ME! (and you all of course!)

    Happy Holidays girls!:heart:
  2. I purchased for me as a Xmas present:
    Giant Brief in Naturel
    Lilac 04 city ( thanks to Zacorey again!!!)
  3. I got a Truffle Purse (which came with split tassels so I'm getting a replacement), a Grenat Part Time and a Marron Weekender! I can't wait to hear what everyone else got.
  4. gees! All of you got not just one but 2 or more bbags! SO JEALOUS!!!! How do yall afford these bags?
  5. Purchased for myself my giant marine day!
  6. i got grass green city.... but its not here yet... Damn UPS still has it.
  7. no balenciagas... but I did cheat and get a new bag from a different designer.
  8. Since I have a PHH, I bought myself a beautiful Magenta City which I am loving! Thanks for starting this thread D, as I was starting to be envious of those that got bags as presents.
  9. No Christmas bags for me ... BUT, I am still searching! :P
    Trying to NOT buy any bbags til we take a trip to NY so I can go to BalNY and buy in person- WOOHOO!!! :wlae:

  10. I got a black compagnon from the boyfriend and treated myself to a black Miu Miu that I've been eyeing for a while:shame: .
  11. OMG! A chocolate boobie?!?!? I MUST see this!

  12. I got myself an apple first and magenta first.
  13. Yaya, I'd love to see pics. I want a magenta First SO bad!
  14. I received a s/s 06 cognac/caramel twiggy from my DH and kids for Christmas.:yahoo:

    Now I have a Bbag family of 2 ... both twiggies, black and cognac!:love:

    Will post pics later:smile:
  15. i got my rouille box, i knew it was coming and actually had taken pics of it, but its even better than i remembered!