So what bag are you using today?

  1. and what have you been doing??? me- been stuck at home with 3yr old, haven't been any further than the garden to clean up dog poo so haven't used a bag other than a plastic one!!!!!
    Hope you've had a more exciting day then me!!:p
  2. Not allowed to carry our own handbags and the majority of the time I go to the gym everyday so I carry a rucksack (issue of course). I carry my id, mp3 player, gym pass and a couple of quid in a coach wristlet (wish they would sell coach in the UK) - but I did think you would love to see my gorgeous issue handbag :yucky:
    Issue Handbag.JPG
  3. I've been carrying pink Hanover today. I had a meeting this morning re a summer event I co-organise on a stately home that I do the PR for, then rushed back for lunch & a quick peek on here before going to Bath to sit in on a press interview another client was doing with a business publication.
    Tomorrow it's a non-work day so think pink Martha & I will head off for a bit of retail therapy - non bag shopping of course!
  4. Orla Kiely shoulder bag, my usual when I cant be bothered to think at 7 am!!
  5. Have been out with a friend and her children. Had planned the day around visiting the open pre-school to attend their "singing with the children time" and then go out for lunch. Of course we ended up at work (animalhospital) as usual as her cat came home with a funny swelling on his tummy. Well, we missed the singing but had a nice day anyway. Ended up at McDonald´s so not at all glamorous but practical with a 5 and a 2 y old and my 9-months baby.

    Looked longingly at Effie when we left home but she was abandoned and the green canvas Converse baby diaper bag was the only one out today;)! Oh, and small plastic ones for the same purpouse as you Jo...:yucky:
  6. i have been back and forth to the shop pokng the workmen!! used my bayswater which i never thought i would say is really annoying me!! i can never find anything in her!!
  7. Well I`ve had pink hanover out and about today we went to war and lost.
    Went to make an apponitment at my dentists and was told " I`m sorry as you have not been in for 10 month`s you have been taken off the books"
    What is this all about??? its only 10 months hardly like i`ve not been in for 6 years or something!!!
    Anyhow wouldn`t listen and then had to spend 3 hours driving around trying to find one that would take me on as a "NHS patient"
    Its a laugh isn`t it spend hundreds each month N.I and can`t even find a bloomin dentist!!!!
  8. I am of course using my lovely black Bayswater, which I have stuffed with a little orange box that just arrived... I bought that scarf and had to have a wood ring too! I am complusive in the worst way!!

    Jo, sounds like you have a sick little one??? Hope he feels better!!
    Riff - I am sure that you are still the chicest of the group!!!
  9. I'm actually using a Chanel padded envelope in black. She's not as big or user friendly as my Phoebe, though.
  10. Black Burberry Knight bag very new and very lovely sorry its not a mulberry though but I see some other different bags in use today on this thread
  11. Black Tod's Paro. Still need to collonil my E/W bayswater before I use it. The weather needs to be nicer before I can go outside and spray it.
  12. Lunch with friends so took my little chocolate Blenheim on its first outing after I'd sprayed it. That Collonil is awful, even in the fresh air and with a scarf round my face the fumes got to me - yuk.
  13. I was home all day filling out financial aid applications for my son who will be a freshman at some college in the U.S. next year. Still don't know which one -- depends on who gives him/us the most money.

    Am using my Celine Boogie Bag. I love it! But lately, I've been thinking of swtiching to my Oak Bayswater. Don't have any waterproofing at all so can't spray it. Luckily, it is not the rainy season here.
  14. Ivy bayswater- I love this bag.
  15. Hi kroquet- don't really know if he's ill. he just seems very tired! No other symptoms. So he watched DVD's whilst i had the pleasure of cleaning the house and picking up dog poop!:shame: