so what bag are you buying with your tax return? ;)

  1. So since tax returns are starting to float in, which bag are you buying with it?

    I have never liked a Carly before, but I am IN LOVE with the slim blue Carly. I think that is my baby to be with my tax return.
  2. DH and I had to charge something on our CC last year so we will just pay that off with our tax return. I wish I could take a chunk of it for a new bag!
  3. haha I own the government 900$ no return here.
  4. in 2004 I owed them $2900. That was not fun. That was my spring break money that I saved for for months.
  5. While I would love to buy another bag with some of my return $, I really need to replace my ski boots. After 2 pregnancies, they just don't fit right anymore. :sad:
  6. No bag for me. There is nothing I want from Coach right now.
    The Tax Return is going into College Saving for my kids.
  7. depends on the return...i might pay some bills. i work lunch duty @ my school so that check comes in march and is awesome. with that i will pay more bills and get a little treat for myself...maybe something in whiskey!!
  8. I am thinking of just putting some aside as my sister is taking me shopping at the Outlet. She is giving me money to pick out a bag. Well I have to have my own money to pick out other stuff.

    Although I am liking the Ergo Totes ALOT!
  9. going to the CC.... will be paid off then ! yipee!
  10. Good question! I am thinking perhaps a heritage tote, carly, or perhaps an ergo tote! Although, it really should be going to my CC...oh, my poor conscious...
  11. What's a tax return????
  12. Unfortunately mine goes right back into the tax fund for next year. I have to pay quarterly.:yucky:
  13. I don't get a tax return =( oh well, I have to pay.
  14. We pay quarterly too so I feel your pain. We usually split it-put some right back in and take a little too.
  15. SAVINGS and investments