So what are YOU waitlisted for?

  1. As the S/S 2008 items start to trickle in, just wondering what you guys have WL'd for.

    Me, the Galliera (PM and GM) and the Montorgueil (PM and GM). Still debating on watercolor speedy...wonder if it will have sagging issues.

    For anyone interested but doesn't SA confirmed pricing on Montorgueil as $710 (PM) and $775 (GM).

    No definite pricing on Galliera yet but think it's going to be around the range of $1100 (PM) and $1300 (GM).
  2. I'm waiting for the Mirror Cosmetic Bag still :smile:

    I can't wait!!!
  3. I'm waitlisted for the damier neverfull and hearts
  4. Violette heart.
    Debating on whether to waitlist for the teal Bon-Bon pochette.
  5. I am waiting for the gold heart & silver case to be launched here ... debating to get the amarante new style cles??? Also w/l for the gold limelight pm but will wait & see what it is like IRL.
  6. I put myself on the WL for the silver Mahina XS today but I definitely have to see it first.
  7. okay, so im a little out of it, (been getting all of my college stuff ready)what do these look like? thanks

  8. Galliera

  9. ^ same here! It looks so cute but i just can't see myself wearing it past a season or two though...

    I am waitlisted for the watercolor speedy and the watercolor papillion!
  10. okay, LOVE the not a huge fan of the Montorgueil though
  11. Heart in gold and silver....still need to decide if I want the watercolor speedy or not.
  12. Mono watercolor, Hempstead Azur, hearts and cosmetic case
  13. Lol see, I'd wear it longer than that but I just don't know if I should go for that or for the red/creme CB Pap I've been lusting for forever.:p
  14. I'm WL for the Pomme Cosmetic Case. :heart:

    I wish it would hurry up and come .... :girlsigh:
  15. i'm WL for:
    watercolor speedy 30
    mahina xs in gris
    bonbon pochette in teal
    matisse pm in beige and purple