So......what are we all thinking about the new season bags from Chloe?

  1. I'm just curious about what we are all thinking about some of the new bags this season - especially now that Phoebe Philo has departed and they have a new designer?

    I've seen most of them IRL now and I must say I adore the Audra! :heart: It's the one bag in the pics that I thought I would never love but OMG! IRL it is fabulous! Totally different for me as well as I'm not usually in to "funky/quirky" bags. I love it so much and I bought one today in Black! Pics will follow when there is some daylight here :yes:

    I also like the medium Heloise (the small was too dinky IMO)....and yes, I got one of those last week while I was in Marbella! (Pics to follow)

    The bags that aren't doing anything for me are the Elvire and the new style "capsule" paddy's with the chain. And I'm not so keen on the patent Bay's either :yucky:

    Probably a good job I don't like them all as two Chloes in one week is more than my bank account can handle anyway! :sweatdrop::push:

    What do you guys think?
  2. Elvire is without doubt the ugliest Chloe I have ever seen. Its a wretched bag. I thought the same too about the gold chained bags with the padlock, UNTIL I saw the chocolate brown hobo one. It is completely stunning, a gorgeous bag :smile:
  3. I'm lusting after the chocolate brown capsule paddy with the silver chain or the taupe one I saw with a silver chain. I haven't seen the other two in person. The chloe medium paddington in nuage is to die for. My list could go on and on and on!
  4. i :heart: the paddington capsule! but i haven't seen ones with silver chains on it. i like the mini lock and just the fact that it's not the same old paddington i see everywhere.
  5. In photos, I like the patent bay! Will wait to see it in person.
  6. I'm interested enough in the Heloise satchels to want to see them IRL, both the regular leather and the quilted patent versions.

    Green is my favorite color, and this "sapin" color doesn't thrill me on LVR, but it might be prettier IRL. :confused1:

    Heloise quilted patent handbag sapin.jpg
  7. I'm not liking the new bags at all. My favorites were the Betty and the Silverado. And since Chloe is not making these bags anymore, theres nothing much for me.

    Too bad PP left as a designer.....the bags will never be the same, never have the same uniqueness and edginess to them.
  8. I love this season actually. I really like how all the bags to have a real hard edge while still being feminine. The elvire is really nice and the leather is so sturdy feeling. The bays are eh, I'm luke warm about the style. The capsule paddies in blue nuit are tdf!!!! I'm pretty sure i'm getting the hobo.
  9. They are ok, but will never be the same as what PP designed. Shame she had to have a baby and leave,lol!
    I too adore the silverado and paddys, but the new ones have not grown on me at all.
  10. I think we are the only people who like the Elvire. I have it in black and just started using it. I love it and I totally agree about the hard edge while still being feminine. I've never really been a fan of the bays either although I did see a nice quilted grey one. I prefer the old style paddys to the new capsule style with the chain. I think someone else had commented that it's like a cross between a paddy and an MJ stam. I was totally suprised by the heloise irl. I really didn't like the knotty handles in the pictures but they are quite beautiful irl and the leather is tdf.

    Haven't seen the audra irl. I missed the trunk show at SCP last night but my SA said it's really her fav bag for fall. Looks interesting in the book she showed me.
  11. I like the new Bays, and the cranberry Heloise... so adorable! :girlsigh:
  12. "Apparantly" the Heloise in the red is completely sold out in the UK, with no further deliveries of this colour expected!! This was in a magazine yesterday, whether or not it is true, or just printed to stir up interest remains to be seen ;) but it sure looks interesting


  13. ITA about the Capsule Paddy being a cross between the regular Paddy and a Stam - great description :yes:

    The Audra is just amazing! Honestly, it is gorgeous and so funky! I will take some pics of mine tomorrow and post in a seperate thread ;)

    And the Heloise leather is gorgeous! So thick and it looks reallt vintage in the colour I have it....again, pics to follow :heart:
  14. i got this one (bag in the right), the bag is so much lighter because of the leather and the smaller the handle are long enough to carry over the shoulders, perfect!
  15. I miss Phoebe...