So what are we all getting for Thursdays EGC??

  1. I think because it is the last EGC before the dreaded price increase I need to get one more classic bag. So, I have decided to get the black GST with silver hardware. I never loved the bag, but after seeing it modeled on so many of you I think I love it now!! Anyways, anyone else getting something next week?
  2. I honestly don't know how I lived before my GST! I have the silver hardware too and I just love it. Can't wait to see your new bag!

    As for me...I may have to sit this one out-I'm saving for one of two of the new cruise bags...
  3. I'm praying to the Chanel gods that I will be able to figure out finances before then so I can get a black Cerf tote! But considering how I am spending these days, I may also have to sit this one out as well. :sad:
  4. can anyone explain to me what's EGC TIA =]
  5. The upcoming price increase is kind of pushing me to buy now...
    I was eyeing a medallion tote for a few weeks now. I got to try it on in a store and the size seems to be perfect! It seemed to be slightly smaller than the GST in width so it seemed to be a little more comfortable to wear and I like that it is leather inside. Hmmm...:girlsigh: I was also thinking of getting a card holder to get me into the $2000 gift card category.
  6. i'm getting the jumbo flap in black caviar with silver hardware. and then using the gift card to buy a louis vuitton keepall 55 with strap. can't wait to see what fabulous purchases all the pfers make on egc day!
  7. I'm getting the hybrid distressed carvier ..:p
  8. I’m so excited for Thursday! I’ve been counting down the days!!! I’m getting a white caviar jumbo flap (SO PRETTY) and the khaki baby cabas my SA is holding for me! Omg I don’t think I can stand the wait…this is torture…6 days!!! :yahoo:
  9. Happy shopping guys ... purse ban still in effect :cursing:
  10. Oooh, Jennipuh I didn't even think to ask what we are all going to do with the gift cards...good call! Keepalls are great! I don't know what I will get with mine...
  11. nice!
  12. I'll be getting the blue LB. Although now that I have seen other tpfers with the red, I am a bit undecided...what do you gals think? I wanted to inject some color into my Chanel world...all of my other Chanels are black, pale blue and ivory. I haven't quite decided on what to get with my EGC.
    Happy Shopping Ladies!
  13. jfhave -is a trooper, never lets one second go buy without thinking of a purse purchase, just so you all know, she doesnt have that tiny little adorable baby bump anymore, she had a baby girl on monday, already back at home with her 2 other little ens' and picking out thurs. new purchase- she kills me- with ease of course!!Baby is beautiful as well!! congrats jfhave!!
  14. By the way, haven't figured out what im going to get but Im definately getting something this time!!!