So what are the odds....

  1. that I can exchange my "Sequences" scarf for something else if the receipt says I've got 10-days from date of purchase and it's been something like 20 days? :shrugs:

    I'm having a serious scarf melt-down's just not the right color-way and why didn't I notice it right away in the store for God's sake!?!?!?!

  2. I'd have to say that Hermes doesn't seem like the kind of place to be so stringent with protocol as far as that goes (it's not a ridiculously long time, just a bit over) and that i'll bet they won't enforce it with you, what with you being a regular customer and all, etc. i think they are more likely to be strict with strangers.
  3. D, no worries...I exchanged my RG Bearn for a Violet one and even though I told her it was more than 10 days she didn't seem concerned and swapped it out without any mention. I'm sure a scarf would be fine.
  4. Tell them you bought it as a gift for someone else:angel: ....and "she" just gave it back to you to exchange:s :shame: :nuts:
  5. the receipt sates returns within 10 days but noting about exchanges. I am sure it will be fine since your are a regular customer.

    I was able to exchange my belt for bigger size after 20 days of purchase.
  6. I think exchanges are ok. I exchanged my Bearn wallet for another color after several weeks. You should have no problems since you are a good customer of the boutique.
  7. Thanks, Guys.....good. Now I have an excuse to back to the city and play at the scarf counter some more!
  8. shopmom, your good relationship with your SA puts you in good stead. Shouldn't be a problem. I did an exchange some time back (a bag) and it was more than 5 weeks, I think.
  9. I'm sure it will be fine. :flowers: They said I could exchange Mr. Hippo much after the deadline...cause they wanted me to buy a bag with silver hw. LOL :graucho: (but I didn't!)
  10. Hey I also brought in my Sequences...after a month...mine was in the black-and-whte colorway and just NOT me. None of my outfits suit so I brought it back wonderful SA didn't even look at it, she said OK no problem with grace and smiles and that was it. Smooth exchange. The service at H is unbeatable. If you have a good relationship with your SA, just try, I'm sure they can accomodate your little request.
  11. Were the tags still attached? Has anyone returned a scarf without tags attached?
  12. My friend bought her scarf wo/tags(it was a gift) into the Vancouver store and they were able to exchange it for her. Only exchange for another scarf.
  13. Thanks! That is good to know!