So, what are the current "IT" bags?

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  1. Maybe because I no longer live in NYC or LA, and when I did I wasnt into bags...but please throw out a few examples for the IT-novice?

    I know that not all of my bags are classics, but I also dont think any of them will NOT be used 5+ years down the I wrong? Well if I get a few examples, maybe I can sleep at night? :smile:
  2. I think the 'IT' bag phenomenon is supposed to be pretty much dead, isn't it?

    Isn't it supposed to be all about individuality, now?

    Doesn't mean there won't still be popular bags, though, I don't suppose. Especially if designers keep sending them out free to celebs. :biggrin:

    Personally, I find that off-putting, if anything, but I seem to be in the minority...
  3. ITA :yes: There are many stylish and beautiful bags out there by designers at all price points, including status "names" and new up-and-comers.

    With the economies all over the world in the pits, having a "status" bag isn't all that important anymore IMO.

    Buying and wearing what you like is the "it" thing to do now, IMO.
  4. ^ Exactly. :yes:

    About time, too! :tup:
  5. allthough it's supposed to be dead I think some of the most popular bags now that are "fashion" bags are muse2 and sprouse collection by LV.
  6. chloe paraty is quite hot.
  7. there hasn't been an IT bag in ages! IT bags seem to only be created by celebs - maybe designers cant afford to hand out freebie bags to every celeb in order to create a new phenomenon?
  8. I agree with Chloehandbags...
    I think the IT bag thingy is dead and hopefully it will stay dead for a while. IMO, it is nice to see some individuality and some real style instead of clones of the same style everywhere.
  9. I think the OP was concerned that she might have a bag that was "it" (so trendy for 2 minutes and then over and out). She sounds like she's trying to reassure herself that she can still wear her bags in 5 years without looking dated.