So we went to the Zoo **PICS**

  1. This little fella was really been a painin the *$)@) ... we couldnt find him but I think my bf did a great job w this pic.
    I so much want one or two or three of this....
    THE KING !!!
    How nasty this is?????
  2. Cool. I had a spider monkey when I was growing up. They can be pretty nasty little things. The only one it liked was my mom.
  3. Oohhh, how sweet!

    I haven't been to a zoo in forever!
  4. I love the zoo thanks for sharring pics!!!
  5. ^^ ur so welcome
  6. Aww. I wish we had a Zoo here:sad:. Ok, well we do...but theres about 3 animals in there and some pigeons :roflmfao:
  7. is that the phoenix zoo?
  8. Yes it is :tup:
  9. Awwwww zoooo!!! :nuts: Thanks for the gorgeous pictures! I haven't been in sooooo long... I wanna go to the zoo now :smile:
  10. I thought so! I lived in Scottsdale for 5 years in the 90s. The lion exhibit gave it away....
  11. i love zoo! thx for the pics