So we saw the new Bond flick yesterday and DH said...

  1. that when he has his midlife crisis, he is buying an Aston Martin.

    I told him I have no problem with that as when I have mine, I am buying an Hermes Birkin. :supacool:
  2. good deal!
  3. I'll take the Aston DB 9 and the Birkin!!! :yes: :yes:
  4. And what a stylish pair you'll make . . .!
  5. Great reply!! :smile:
  6. Heck, with the cost of an Aston Martin I'd say SEVERAL birkins. LOL. :p
  7. you should go for the croco birkin with diamonds to make it fair.:yahoo:
  8. And can I just say, he is sooo hot in that movie... LOL... definitely a big diamond and a birkin for sure!