So, we all love the new heart, but....

  1. What color? It comes in Pomme d'amour, pearle and framboise.

    Also, I am thinking I might want to go for the little rectangle one instead. It's pretty clear that the heart one will not hold anything.

    Cute vs practical...hmmm. Both have the cute little pastilles on them.

    The vitals, in case someone has missed them so far $350, 1 shot, 3 months, releasing 2-1-07. There were some other cute accessories in this line, including a cell phone strap and pastilles key chain.
  2. pssss, some LV is having a sneak run for selling Heart shape coin purse already-and sold out!!! But i would save the money for something more useful.....if i can't justify the price for a good wallet, i don't think i can justify the price of 350 for a coin purse...I need to graduate sooner, grrr! ^_<
  3. i think i like the clutch too. i have been really wanting a perle piece but i think the red is winning. i'm going to lv tomorrow night to check it out. i wish they would sell the clutch earlier but they won't right?

    i am not a big fan of the heart though. i think it's going to be super popular and too spency for what it is.
  4. For me..Pomme d'Amour. I already have a Framboise Houston and the Perle is just not practical. And besides, this way I can have a piece of the new color :yes:
  5. Apple Love for me.
  6. they're so cute, but not very practical so I don't think I'll be getting heart shaped or the envelope. Thinking of getting the cell phone strap though since I need a new charm thing for mine.
  7. hlfinn- you might try to trick your SA by mention other LV stores is selling them already(per xoAKIxo's post), perhaps they will sell it to you :smile:

    My heart is set on Perle brentwood w/Pomme d'Amour heart coin purse dangling on it....or the other way around....sigh....need to win a jackpot of some sort! lol
  8. I really doubt it, they have been real sticklers for releases lately. I think xoAKIxo may have misunderstood the SA, the list may just be closed at that store, so they are technically sold out, even tho they are not released yet (like the mirroirs were). If they were released it might have been an error, as they were initially scheduled to release Jan. 1.
  9. Perle plate for me and the dragonne strap in apple love! So looking forward to it!
  10. i am curious to see how framboise will look...I want the vernis and the mc...I can't wait to see what they look like IRL...
  11. Actually I don't think I misunderstood her, because she said they weren't suppose to sell it until Feb but when the customer came in complaining that another store was selling it they starting selling it too and they didn't have any in stock anymore until the next shipments.
  12. That's really weird. I'm pretty sure that store will get in trouble for that then. No store is supposed to sell anything before a stated release date.
  13. Wow, that never works here. I heard someone complaining about NM selling the Groom early, the SAs just said, "Sorry, they weren't supose to do that, we certainly can't break the rules because someone else did."
  14. ^yeah so I don't know I was really surprised though.
  15. go for the plate twinkle.twin! i think it's more practical and it doesn't lose much points in terms of cuteness to the heart shaped coin purse!