So we all love LE and we all love Red, but lookt at what happen when Overdosed....

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  1. So, Red is IN now, and not to mention LE....but be careful what u wish for b/c it might be overdosed !!! :wtf: :yucky: What do you think? I honestly think it was a seat cushion at first glance:sweatdrop: ......will you carry it?
  2. Actually, I like it....very different!
  3. i wouldn't carry it. it's just too wierd of a shape for me.
  4. Different shape. Probably couldn't pull it off --- so , no I wouldn't wear it.
  5. Oh I love it! It is so chic! YES I would definately carry it!
  6. not for me:shame:
  7. it looks like a box made to hold chocolate!

    I don't like or dislike... its different but definitely not for me.
  8. skinny hatbox? would look great on some but not on me! :p
  9. It's cute but would be super awkward to carry IMO.
  10. :confused1: Looks like a great Frisbee!
  11. It doesn't seem like it would fit a lot. It's prettier than functional.
  12. Makes me want to say "what was LV thinking?". It's interesting on the runway, but totally impractical in real life.
  13. I love the dress and boots, the bag is great..I will not wear the whole outift together..I need something black in there..
  14. I like it, it's very cool and different.
  15. Nice color. Nice shape .... but I won't carry it. Not my style.