SO wanting a Givenchy Nightingale

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  1. I'm looking for the medium size in black (the original version w/the gunmetal hardware and thicker shoulder strap). Seems like the coolest most practical bag. I love that it's not too trendy, like it can stand the test of time :yes:

    I know I'm late on the bandwagon for this one, but does anyone know where I could get one??? I'm desperate :confused1:

    Thanks girls!
  2. Hi!
    Don't know if this can help, but I've seen a lot of givenchy Nightingale on the Barneys site...I'm looking for a black large grained nightingale here in italy but no luck until now! Wish you more luck!
  3. I have the Nightingale and the Bettina and love them both. Givenchy really did well with these two bags.
  4. There are a lot for sale on eBay. I am looking for one too. I can't find a lot of information about authenticity or fake for givenchy. :confused1:
    Does anyone know if you need to be careful with givenchy?
  5. ^Well these bags have both traveled well with me over the summer. The Bettina was perfect in NYC with the front pocket for cell, cab fare and metro card. The Nightingale has been to everyone of my son's baseball tournaments and have really held up well. I would def. get another and I am usually a Bbag girl. I have found that they hold up better than the Bbag with the amount of use I give them.:tup:
  6. i think i might go for the maxi, the large one, either in patent leather or just the basic black. i'm leaning more towards the patent version because i already have a balenciaga work size in black, so the patent leather might spice it up a bit... what do u think... would the maxi in patent leather be a bit too flashy? thanx
  8. I so want a nightingale myself. I even saw at least three here in the city where I live. The maxi and medium black one with gunmetal hardware as well as the black patent version and beige patent one. I even saw the most beautiful plum color but that one sold out within a week. I wish I could just go into the store and buy it but it's definitely too expensive for me. I'm hoping that sooner or later an auth. nightingale will turn up on ebay for a little less but it seems like almost all of them are fake and it's kinda hard to spot them.
  9. Hi Shoegal and anyone else with a G Nightingale bag,
    I've been looking at the medium in black at Barney's and the shoulder strap (the latest, thinner version) seems so short, almost the same length as the handles themselves. Have you had a problem with that? Do you think or know if the large bag has longer straps?
    Thanks so much for your expert opinion! :heart:
  10. I had the new medium size and the strap is definitely much longer than the handheld handles. You will be able to fit it over any type of coat/sweater/etc. The larger bag I *think* you can fit the handheld straps over your shoulder. For the medium size you definitely can't. What drove me nuts about the N and the reason why I sent it back was that when I used the shoulder strap and the purse was zipped, the purse with buckle out and the handheld straps were really uncomfortable. Hard to explain but it just looked weird and I couldn't get past it. It's a gorgeous purse though! the new Ns have beautiful distressed leather and seem very well made.
  11. i totally agree, i love this bag but it really looks best hand held only, if you need a shoulder style option (and i definitely do) unfortunately i would have to advise you to try it first and see if you can make it less awkward (very sadly i couldn't) :sad:
  12. Barney's website sells them, in case someone didn't mention this. Good luck. Opps, sorry someone did mention Barneys.
  13. Oooohhh I see why you love it. Now I want one!