So Want the So Black

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  1. I have looked on the Internet for information about the So Black, ofcourse nothing is like TPF. So far I know that it is all Blakc in a black box...ect

    I just found out today from paris that the price of the 30cm So black is 5900 euros and kelly is a little bit less.

    What I need to know is how I can get this bag, I hav been told there are limited pieces and that the list is closed :sad: What can I do? Please Help

    Also, I was told that it will be released on December but a few days ago I saw someone carrying the bag :confused1:
    Is that possible?
  2. Here is a picture of the So Black Kelly and Birkin:


  3. Yes, this is being done in very limited quantities and the list for it closed in the spring.
  4. And if you do a search, there are many threads on this topic, best of luck in your search! :flowers:
  5. I want it :cry:

  6. I so want the kelly one!!
  7. Good luck on finding one ladies! It is very much beautiful. Simply TDF!

    OP, hope you find one soon!
  8. - hang in there! :flowers:

    The stores were only allocated a limited quantity and in many places, these were allocated quite quickly (I'm sure many getting them are tPFers!).

    I see you're after a 30 Birkin from your signature. The SO Black Birkins were allocated much later than the SO Black Kellys in my store. All I can suggest is ringing around Europe - the size 30 Birkin of any type is in far less demand than a 35 so there may be some availability.

    If you're really desperate/unable to track one down, then there's the secondary market I suppose, although they will be at massive premiums. I would only buy from the boutique myself.

    The main thread for information/pics is here:

    BTW I doubt you would have seen a genuine SO Black - I think they're being released in New York tomorrow!
  9. I am sure t was all black but I am not sure if it is authentic. Could it be that there are counterfits now, whoa so quick!

    OMG I just wish you are right about having to find a 30cm. I called paris and an assistant of mine is going there this week to try to put my name down for the SO Black. I will also call London and see if a friend of mine can try to allocate me one *fingers crossed*

    Thanx HermesFHS :smile:
  10. ^^Where was this from? Has it been authenticated? It's not from Hermes in any case....
  11. I am not sure if it is authentic but apparently they do come in the black box with black covers etc.
  12. The hardware on that bag for sure doesn't look "so black"... at least not on my screen.
  13. Yes there is this one Kelly out there. I was offered it too.

    Waitting for my own reservation ;)