So want a Bay Shoulder Bag

  1. Hey Ladies,

    While I am new to Chloe's Bags, I do have other designer bags. Every since Megs posted about the Bay Shoulder Bag in Camel I have been in love. has it in Moka and Ivory and Sabine's Boutique has it in Camel.

    Which do you think is better the Moka or the Camel?

    Any Advice for a fellow TP'r!
  2. I haven't seen the moka in real life, but I've seen the camel and it's beautiful! I vote camel but I think either would be gorgeous! You should see which color you have least in your bag collection and pick that one.
  3. Both are gorgeous! The moka is really beautiful, as is the camel! Go with the color that will add something to your wardrobe! Both are so versatile!!!
  4. Oh I am looking for one of these too but NAP is sold out and the store nearest to me doesn't have it in stock waiting to hear if they can get it in.

    I would go with the camel but either colour looks great remember to post pics when you get it!
  5. Both colours are beautiful. Get whichever one you think you would wear more and you need more in your wardrobe.
  6. Both colors are great. Is styledrops an authentic site? Best to make sure before buying!
  7. I have the Camel and it is STUNNING I love it--and the color is great, very versatile! So easy to use and carry, and very comfy. However, I've only used it a few times and then moved onto another bag (purchased 3 bags in 2 weeks and dying for a particular Chanel--Jag you know the one ;)), so the poor baby is just sitting in my closet. But I can tell you this much.....the color, the leather, everything about it is just AMAAAAZING! It was my first Chloe and now I totally get the hype!

    Good luck!
  8. I saw the Camel in real life and it was gorgeous. The leather on the one I saw was especially textured so the color really accentuated it. If you can, try to pick one out IRL so you can ensure yours has the gorgeous leather. Moka is nice but may "hide" some of the leather with its dark coloring.