So Vintage, So gorgeous....

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  1. So as I stated I just broke my Ban... here is the Gucci that did it... after I got her I just went nut on other things..

    Who wants to see..
  2. As you know I can not buy anything in on's...LOL so her goes I have a seller that I just love for vintage Gucci and she gave me a great deal on all these pieces..

    I actually got is lovely vintage crossbody bag for Free as a thank you for being a good coustomer..:happydance: this bag is Navy blue and in mint condition..



    Very roomy also...:yahoo:
  3. Now for the little one... This wallet is just TDF and the condition is wonderfull (ok it is Mint aslo).



  4. Why would I buy a Blue Web Gucci Wallet.... well I am the matchy-Matcy Queen...


    Presenting my new to me and totally prefect for me Blue Web Gucci Boston....
  5. Here is the lovely set...


    and finally here is the reason I had to get the Blue.. My Brown Vintage Web Gucci...

  6. Omg CA you lucky duck! That's soo nice if the seller. I love love love them all! The set is gorgy! Is it GG plus?
  7. Your entire vintage collection is drool worthy!
  8. Congrats on your vintage set CA! I absolutely adore your navy web boston! So classic and chic and totally worth breaking your ban for!

  9. OH thank you Sneezz - the reason I have even noticed most of my bags is because of you ladies..

    Yes I am very lucky with this seller is is honest, her items are quality and in excellent condition... I purchased something from her a year ago and I have been buy ever since...
  10. Thank you Ghst... I loved the Brown Web Boston so much I had to have this one... they are amazing ... I can not even explain the feeling I get wearing these Vintage stunning bags..
  11. very nice pieces. And in great condition too. Congrats!
  12. OMG they are all so beautiful. Congratulations they are really lovely, lucky you.
  13. :yahoo:

    Fabulous finds and I adore this and you can't get more reasonably priced than FREEEEEE!!!! :woohoo:

  14. Are those hamsters sleeping by your free bag?
  15. haha i'm wondering the same thing. are the hamsters real? or are they stuffed?

    congrats on the fabulous vintage finds! i love love love the boston! and it was super nice of the seller to give you the bag for free.