So upset .......

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  1. Ok so yesterday I was on LV UK and sa a silver mirrior pouchette availiable - so I purchased it -- it prossed and then i get an email today to say that they can't process it . I am gutted , I had a little cry and everything ... I thought I was sooooooooo lucky - now I am so sad .... I came home nad went to ring the LV customer service line to see if they could locate me one in the UK but they were closed... does anyone know if I will have a chance of getting one in the UK ,,, are they as popular here as they are in the US

    I am just gutted ... I don't wan to pay way over price for it :s
  2. Why can't they process it? So sorry. I'm in US, so I don't know, but hopefully someone can give you better feedback on demnad in UK.:flowers:
  3. So sorry to hear about that...if you're in the states 866 Vuitton could probably find you one...
  4. what I mean is that it did go through .... I got an email saying they regret they cant accept it -- I asume it was never avaliable
  5. ^^ Since they made a mistake, they should try to find u one in other boutiques in UK??
  6. well guess what I just got a silver speedy in my crd and processed it through the UK website- if I get an email tomoz saying the same thing I will be so mad
  7. I guess they won't proccess it because eluxury ships to US? When I looked at elux's t&C's I saw that they don't ship to the UK
  8. I don't think she was at eLux, she was at the UK site ;)
  9. what I meant was, is for UK and france and elux is for USA. Therefore LV wont ship to USA.
  10. Good luck, Kimmy! You'll get one eventually :yes:
  11. I think she's in UK if I'm not mistaken....
  12. my bad, I should have read the op closer! I did notice that the mirror lines on have said "unavailble" for a good few days now.

    isnt there a customer service line in the UK?
  13. I think kimmy did get a silver speedy in the end, her first order just didn't go through.
  14. LOL yes I did get a silver speedy in the end
  15. Congrats Kimmy!