So Upset

  1. Being as greedy as I am, I was going to buy two paddys: the cream and the whiskey but I missed out on this really nice cream chloe paddy from ebay. I bid too low. So unfair I wanted it so badly and it looked so nice. Chloe Off White Paddington Leather Hand Bag Model# CL02 (item 140035679913 end time 04-Oct-06 16:08:19 BST)

    It went for such a ridiculously low price too. I am so upset about that.

    On the bright side I won the whiskey one which is coming soon.
  2. We'll at least you have the Whiskey!!!! :yahoo: Congrats!:yahoo: I love the whiskey color!
  3. Actually I think you were lucky because the cream looks fake: the leather is to stiff, the Chloe looks wrong but that's just my opinion. There are not enough pics for being 100% sure and this would have been a No-go for me.
    Congrats on your whiskey!
  4. I was thinking of the same thing. The cream one looks a bit dodgy to me. i personally wouldn't buy that one. Hopefully your whiskey will be the real deal! You lucky girl.
  5. Oh so maybe it was a good thing that I missed out on the creme:yahoo:
  6. You will love your whiskey to death!!!
  7. the whiskey seems authentic to me and the seller has receipt, the cream one I'm not so sure about, I'm agreeing with others it might be fake..?
  8. I hope the bag is authentic! I just love the arrival of a great new bag!
  9. Congrats on the whiskey!! It's a great color!! :love: Be sure to post pics when she arrives! :yes:

    I'm agreeing with everyone on the cream... So maybe it was a blessing in disguise!
  10. I'm afraid that I don't think the whiskey is authentic, either. :sad:

    Amongst other things, the leather looks too shiny, the lock looks slightly the wrong shape (too wide) and too puffy, the leather strip on the lock is too flush to the lock (or even slightly indented), the font on the metal plaque/name-plate has letters of uneven height (getting progressively shorter) and the cotton twill lining fabric looks too course.

    Sorry. :sad:
  11. ^ Oh wow... I just checked out that link and you're right chloehandbags. Damn... :sad:
  12. Hopefully it will just be the seller's lighting, or a variation. Post lots of pics when you receive it immediately, since the seller has a 3-Day return policy stated in the auction. I recently thought a bag was fake because the keys were different, but it turned out to be just another Chloe variation. Hope yours is as well.:yes:
  13. Oh Please No It Cannot Be Fake:hysteric: :Push: :sad: :graucho: :wtf:
  14. Staci, if it is -- we will find you a new bag!!!! :flowers:
    and you will get your money back.:yes:

    There is nothing you can do between now and when you get so
    have a glass of whine and send us pics when you receive it and
    we will help you!! :heart:

    I am sad too!!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    I had a bid in on a Grenat Mini Loaf and I was outbid at the very last
    second!!! :cursing:

    I am soo sad!!!!!!