1. So...I finally went to LV yesterday if anyone is keeping track of my madness. I was determined to make a purchase before the price increase with my $350 and my mom even said she would give me the amount I needed to get the Tivoli PM! Of course I should have figured that the bag was sold out for the entire COUNTRY! My second choice, the Damier Azur Speedy 30, also sold out for the entire country! My third choice, the Batignolles just wasn't cutting it for me after my mom said I could get the Tivoli. I was so upset that they didn't have anything that I've just given up! I don't think I can get anything for a while, knowing I missed my chance to get it before the price know what I mean? I have to wait to adjust to the new prices and then we'll see...but my whole reason for wanting to get something was because of the increase and I ended up with nothing! I'm sorry to disappoint you guys and I still appreciate all of your help!

    Sorry to ramble on and on...I just needed to vent!
  2. That stinks!!!!! I hate when you're counting on something and then you can't get it, especially when it's sold out!!!!
  3. Did you try the Vuitton at Bloomingdale's in NYC? I bought a Damier Speedy 30 today but noticed that they seemed to have quite a lot of Azur. Why not give them a call and check to make sure they don't have/can't get what you want? 212.644.2574. Ask for Manuela or Vangie. They're VERY nice.
  4. don't worry, the price increase won't be the rumored 30%. you'll be able to save up again, if you want it bad enough. the same thing happened to me; i wanted the roxbury in pomme before the increase, but of course, it's sold out. pretty soon the tivoli's will come rolling in after all the madness cools down.
  5. It definetly is awful when you really want something and the store cannot help. I've been there sooo any times. :hysteric: Don't worry, you'll get what you want in the end, at least the speedy and tiboli.
  6. Horrible that you went & what you wanted was sold out, so disappointing. Hope you find one soon!
  7. hey i kno if u go on the waitlist before the price increasee they will give it to u for the original price, cause i asked my SA and she told me so wen i waitlisted for the tivoli hurry up!! get on the waitlist!!
  8. The azur speedy is available right now on ther louis vuitton website, if you order today, still the old price.
  9. That sucks and you don't disappoint anyone here!

    I understand you wanted to get something before the price increase but get it anyway! What's that little bit extra if you're allready giving that amount for a bag. (that's how i think about it :shame:smile:
  10. Hopefully you were able to check back to this thread and maybe you can order from one of the leads that some members provided. Good Luck and do not give up hope, this happens to all of us!
  11. so sorry to hear that, I hate it when that happens ... cheer up, you'll find something soon!
  12. I am so sorry to hear that
  13. last week galleria in houston had speedy 30s.
  14. Awh! So sorry for you. I hate when that happens!
    You'll be able to save up and buy yourself that bag :flowers:
  15. So sorry to hear that! I know it can be very disappointing!!! But at least you can save up and buy yourself an extra little treat when you bag does come in???