So upset...

  1. Hello , I am a long time reader but first time poster. I love coach, but since I am broke half the time, I wait for sale(outlet or macy's) or when my boyfriend buys me...

    Well last week I went to the Coach outlet and my boyfriend bought me a coach leather purse and wallet. I was super, super happy. Well the next day when I was happily wearing it, we went to my boyfriends friends house all the guys where there. I work in Downtown in a Coffee Shop, And if any of you ever go to the Fashion District, you guys will pass out with the streets cover in Knock-offs. Well to say the least most of the girls in my neighborhood have fakes. Okay Well when we were at the friends house, the girl that owns the house started talking of how stupid it is to buy really expensive purses when you can buy them in Downtown. She noticed mind and then said " I will never be dumb enough to spend so much money in a purse" . all the guys looked at me. I was so mad . What Does she care what the hell me or my man spend our money in. I do not have kids or have gotten married , so I can enjoy my money. I am 22, and I believe I can spoil myself. Even if I am broke, I am happy. I would never tell her that she and her husband should stop there beer and cigar habit because its a waste of money. People just cannot see other :cursing: people happy.
  2. I hate it when ppl put you in situations like that. It happens to me when friends say that I can just throw away my money at the drop of a hat on some expensive purse, or that I am spoiled, etc. But I earn that money, and have the right to spend it however I wish. People have their own reasons for being snotty or rude towards you when it comes to making comments about the material things you own, but all you can do is shrug it off and try not to let it bother you. You enjoy fashionalbe purses, and that is nothing to be ashamed of! :smile: I know how you feel though, and sometimes it sucks. :shame:
  3. My sister is like this. I've bought her Coach purses, my mom has, and her fiance has and she always takes them back and keeps the money instead. I could not carry a fake purse. She does. That's all she will carry. She'll go to purse parties and spend $400 on 4 or 5 fake purses. But she would never spend that on just one. I don't get it. To each her own!

    Don't worry about what other people are saying. Deep down, they are probably jealous. If you are happy that's all that matters.
  4. You can spend your money the way you want. You can also keep acting ethically in buying real purses. People who intentionally buying fakes are wanting the look without paying the purse manufacturer for their designs. It does affect the brand. I have seen so many knockoff LV purses that I really have no deisre for one. If you don't want to spend the money for a designer purse don't, but don't act like stealing from the maker makes you better.
  5. I get this at work all the time. I've had a friend ask me if my purse was real and then question why I would spend that much on a purse. It gets really annoying. Jealous?
  6. My aunt has quite the collection of Louis Vuitton fakes. She came over once during the winter and had one of the shiny silver ones with her. I mean, she knows they are fake and she doesn't try to pass them off as real. The thing is, she would talk about them and act like she was super special for having the fake ones? It was weird. She told me about how she had like 6 or 7 of them at home and i'm thinking she's spent at LEAST $300 on the fakes, right? It's a bit ridiculous and I would rather have one bag that cost more and was nicer, than a billion that were crappy or ones that I didn't LOVE.

    So we went outside on the deck to talk to my dad and I put on a pair of Uggs. My aunt was like "Oh, are those real Uggs?" and I was like "...Yes"

    She says, and I QUOTE "Why would you spend that much on a pair of boots?"

    Maybe because they're good quality? I don't even want to hear what she says if/when she sees the Coach bag i'm going to get.

    Not EXACTLY Coach related, but that was my fake/people-getting-their-panties-bunched-over-"expensive"-things story.
  7. I'm sorry that they were so unkind to you. Sometimes people need to make themselves feel better by belittling others, but it only makes them look petty.

    As for the fake thing, I think some people pride themselves on being very thrifty (I know that I try hard in most other areas) and like to brag about how they got a bargain. For me, I am careful in these expenditures so I can use those funds for some other quality brands that will last a long time.

    I also think there are less comments about leather bags b/c the leather is durable and seen as more worth the money, KWIM?

    Good luck. Just let it roll of your back. It's not about you anyway--it's about them. Let them deal with their own insecurities.
  8. I'd rather spend money on a purse that I know will last many years, and looks classy. The POS fakes don't last long, and 9 times out of 10 look like crap. I'll stick with the good stuff.
  9. Some people are only about labels and logos and could care less about quality. I appreciate coach details, leather, sturdiness, etc over the fact that is a coach itself. She should buy herself a real one and then she'll know what quality is.
  10. jealous much? ugh

    I say this a lot around here, but I wish people would just learn to be happy with what they have, whether it be a boyfriend/husband, a car, a job, a purse, etc instead of being jealous and bitter. It's very unattractive
  11. I got my hubby to buy me the coach baby bag 400 bucks and my husbands family said I am too "high maintanence" and they'd never spend more than 20 or 40 bucks for a diaper bag/purse. I'm like yea you waste your money and have nothing to show for it. You can have that purse for years and years to come. Plus different ppl collect different things.
  12. Don't pay attention or waste your time with stupid people...enjoy your new Coach!!
  13. That's none of her damn business how you spend her money. I'd also rather have one quality authentic piece that can last a lifetime, than some cheap replica that will probably start falling apart within a few months.

    People are so rude these days. Some people like spending money on purses. Some people like spending money on cars. If you have the money, it's your choice to spend it how you please.

    Just because they can't afford something or are too cheap to spring money for authentic goods, doesn't mean they should try to demean you for your choices.

    Hell, you must be really polite to have restrained yourself from criticizing the fact that she buys fakes from "Downtown".
  14. People have some nerve, don't they? I'm sorry she was so unfriendly. Some people will do anything for one-upmanship.
  15. Aw, don't let one person take away your joy! It was as super sweet gift from your bf and no one should comment on how you or he spend your money. You could have simply told her it was a gift but I think I would have probably just smiled sweetly and hugged my bag! LOL! Congratulations!