So Upset!!!

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  1. I got my dream bag in the mail today, mind you it's not a $400 bag or anything, but I loved it. Anyway, I bought it on ebay, went through the entire is this authentic business and it gets here...IT'S USED! I paid a new price for a bag I was told was new, it was advertised as new but it's not! The hardware is scratched and there is something odd caked under one of the pocket buckles, like she spilled something, cleaned it off and didn't know it there was stuff under the buckle. Anyway, had I known it was used I may have still bought it but certainly not for the price I paid. As a matter of fact I probably wouldn't have paid more than $150. I'm so mad I could just scream. This is horrible. I don't know what to do.
  2. Can you post a link to the auction? You need to contact the seller and request either a refund or partial refund. She can't list a bag as new and send you a used bag. That's BS!
  3. E-mail the seller and tell her the bag you got was not as described and that she can either refund you and you will ship it back, or, that you will take a partial refund for her lying! Or, disppute it thru paypal / your credit card if you paid that way thru paypal (which, I do hope you paid thru paypal...) GL and don't let her get away with this!!!
  4. this will probably get moved to the ebay forum, but that's okay

    how did you pay for it? if you paid through paypal you can file with them (if you pd with a cc through paypal you have an extra level of protection, but always go through paypal first, if you lose a case there, then go with the cc)

    before you do that, email the seller, be nice, but tell her you thought the bag was brand new as said in the description, but there is a stain and scratches on the hardware. she may be very nice and say, send it back. If you do send it back, make sure she agrees first, then take lots of pics of the bag and make sure to insure it and get delivery confirmation

    if she is difficult, open a SNAD with paypal (sig. not as described) and see what can be done there.

    good luck!
  5. email the seller with your concerns. If she doesn't offer to partially refund your money, ask for a full refund and return the bag (registerd mail). .if she refuses, file a claim with paypal
  6. Thanks for all of the responses, I'll post the auction once she responds, if she's nice and trys to work it out perhaps I shouldn't put her name on blast, but ugh, this is still just so wrong! In the pictures you can't tell any of the scratches are on the hardware. I think she used the auto correct function in picture manager because the photo's are high contrast and that usually hides lots of blemishes. Ugh, I didn't even think about that, it said, new without tags so I thought since we emailed back and forth she would lie to me.

    She even sent a link to this forum saying I could get it authenticated here, I was already a member by then!
  7. I paid through paypal (thank goodness)!
  8. Excellent advice! :yes:
  9. wow. i hope you get your money back or at least get an equal price for the bag. keep us posted.
  10. She just responded and told me to send it back to her and she would issue a refund. Thats great, but since I bought her bag there aren't any left on ebay. This just makes me want to cry. I wonder if coach would replace the scratched up leash clasp, if they would I guess I can figure out how to clean up the goo. Ugh, I wish I had known before the other two were sold.

    By the way, yall are some super nice folks on this board! I'm really happy I have the opportunity to bounce my handbag highs and lows off of you ladies!
  11. Did you ask her if she'd agree to a partial refund? Otherwise, I think you should just send it back. You'll never be happy with it and I am sure that some more will come up on eBay. :yes:

    And, I am not sure how much of that Coach could fix. They could probably replace the hardware but I don't think they'd do anything about the goo.
  12. That is horrible to hear.
    I'd file a dispute with paypal and get the money back.
  13. I can probably get out the gunk since its on the metal, but the scratches are still there and you are probably right, I'll never be pleased with it. I have a tendency to want my new things perfect. I swear I put everything I own in cases.
  14. what kind of bag was it??? maybe if we see another one we can let you know??!!!??

  15. Aww thanks! I just found one that was in someone's store and it wasn't showing up. It's new with tags and all that stuff. I'm pretty excited! Maybe this one will work out. Also, the seller turned out to be pretty nice, she's taking the bag back and refunding the shipping so it's a win win. No bad mouthing or anything. I wish this had worked out the first time.

    It also ended up being about 20 buck cheaper in total which is always a plus.

    Jeez I keep editing, it's the bag in my avatar. #7469