So upset :(

  1. I received my Pomme Agenda on Friday and was so excited, I posted here about the metal ring part was undone, so I clicked it back in and put in my inserts, well it totally came off this time! So I quickly called Elux and they (while very nice) told me that all I can do is return it. They do not have anymore in stock nor do they have any idea they might get more, I said well I know they sell out fast, can you put me in for a backorder exchange one so when they do come in I can get one? She said no only can do a return or exchange for in stock items :sad:

    In fact she put me on hold came back and said they might not even ever get any more!! So now I am waiting for a Prepaid label to send it back and went on the hunt for a new one, I called 866 Vuitton and they found one at my local boutique but I couldn't get in this weekend so they said they would ship it but it still hasn't shipped there was some mix up or something and it won't ship until tomorrow!

    All in all I am very upset with Elux, it came broken I would think they could at least put me on a backorder to get a new one. Ugh just very frustrating.
  2. I'm sorry. That's such a bummer about your agenda. Hopefully you'll get your new one soon, so you can put this all behind you.;) :flowers:
  3. Sorry to hear about your agenda. Hope you get another soon to enjoy. Good luck!
  4. That is a bummer! Sorry about that... :sad:
  5. don't worry, you will soon be reunited with your perfect agenda. hang in there!
  6. So sorry to hear.:sad: Hope things work out for ya.
  7. sorry to hear about that...hope everything works out for you.
  8. This is a bummer. Hopefully, Eluxury will not try to resell it.
  9. oh no! i am so sorry about your agenda! i really hope you can find one. i would return it and call 1866 and have them look for one for you!
  10. Sorry to hear that...
  11. Let us know how this works out!
  12. that really stinks..but on the bright side ELux is letting you return it and get your money back. Its better in the long run to have one that is not damaged..good luck on your search for the perfect agenda!!
  13. Oh my, that is disappointing. Hope you get a good agenda, they are so beautiful!
  14. That stinks! Hopefully, you get your new one soon.
  15. Something that good is really worth the wait, and sounds like 866 has got you fixed up.