So upset, worst day ever.

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  1. I need support. I don't know what to do. Last night I didn't get home until very late....had baby in my arms, groceries...somehow left my purse in my locked car.

    Woke up to find my window bashed black leather Legacy 65th anniversary shoulder bag, gone! Burberry wallet, gone. Camera, Ipod, cell phone, Coach sunglasses....gone. They charged over 8000 on my credit cards before I got them stopped.

    I have been bawling my eyes out all day long. I don't knw what to do. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that purse, and it is sold out. I am just miserable. I am a single this is a financial blow I can't recover from

    Can anyone tell me if they see the bag I had in stores? Thanks so much.
  2. Oh, HONEY. God, that's terrible. Sweetie I'm so sorry!


    I will keep my ear to the ground for that bag for you!!!
  3. That's just awful, people are sick. So sorry to hear about that :sad: I will also keep an eye out for you!
  4. How awful, I'm so sorry. I mean can you believe that the night you left your bag in the car someone was out looking through peoples car windows and happened across your car? I can't believe the wickedness of some people in this world. I'm sending you a cyber hug, I'm so sorry honey.
  5. So sorry to hear about this terrible incident! I know it is devastating but thank God you and your baby are safe. You can slowly accumulate the other material things. I am sure you are protected against fraudulent charges by your credit card company. I am confident PF members will keep their eyes peeled for you and you will find another purse! Take care of yourself! :heart:
  6. ohhhh NOO. what a creeep that person was. first of all don't blame yourself. you were just very very tied up. and whoever did that, i hope justice is served. i'll look out for that bag for you. hopefully you could get another one or maybe score a better deal on it. they'll always be around. trust me.
    but, i hope that you feel better and don't let this drag you down too far. things happen to good people and we'll try to support you. ::huggs::
  7. Im so sorry :sad: Some people are really horrible!!
  8. You guys are so sweet...I have been really having a hard time. We just moved to Arizona...for my ex dh's job so I thought. Turns out, he had a girlfriend here...I was 9 mos pregnant, had no idea. I'm really really really low. Don't think I will recover from this one...I am so freaked out about people having my personal info...I can't stand it.

    I don't really know much about that bag, is it discontinued? Will they make more? I'm confused. I am new here, and really really really appreciate all of your support...I don't have friends here, so you guys are kind of my buddies now.
  9. I am so sorry to hear about your trouble! Just remember, tomorrow is another day! Try and keep your chin up, and know that this will all pass.
    Whoever broke into your car and stole all your things will get what's coming to them, and the DH too!
    We'll all keep our eyes out for the bag.
  10. im so sorry to hear that!
    but just what citcat said, tommorow is another day..and i hope u'd feel better...
    im sure, ur credit card company will take care of that...
  11. OMG!!!!! I am horrified and astonished at what you've had to go through both with the robbery and your husband! What a terrible situation!! I just feel for you so much! Sometimes it just feels like there are so many hardships that we don't know how we can wake up in the morning to make it through the next day. I'm in AZ too and I would absolutely love to keep in touch with you and help you get used to this new place as well as keep my eyes open for the bag. I really feel for you and no one should be put through what you're going through right now!!!! *hugs*
  12. o man!!! i cannot BELIEVE the nerve! I live in NY and there are unsafe areas, not my neighborhood but still i am super careful

    but i would never DREAM that in AZ you would have to worry about such scum!!!! :sad:

    And the DH dont even GET ME STARTED on men cause i think they are #$@#@ and you were pregnant JACKASSSSS

    i am sosososos sorry girl!!! be strong, get the CC company to take care of those charges and the others things will slowly be replaced just be happy it was taken from the car at night and not from you while you were with your child im glad you guys are safe

    but i know you feel awful and im so sorry that someone could do something like that! :sad:

    Be sure to contact all the companys and govt agencies (if u had a SS in ur wallet) to make sure all your cards and info are canceled and watched for people falsly using them!

    goodluck and please keep us all posted!

    welcome to TPF sorry it comes with this situation but :smile: everyone here is amazing support!
  13. Gosh, I am so sorry about all of this..Just remember, you have that sweet baby (and that is the most important thing) and your bag can be replaced I am sure. I would almost bet you could find one on ebay:smile::smile: Good luck..
  14. Oh my God, I am SO sorry to hear about this! What an a $%*&^ that guy is!

    I don't know if I can help with finding the bag, but I'll keep you in my thoughts... also, can I suggest that you notify all of the credit reporting agencies so none of these fraudulent credit card charges show up on your credit reports? You can put a "temporary freeze" on them to protect your credit. And luckily, since you called the credit card company immediately, you shouldn't be liable for ANY of the charges that piece of absolute scum put on your credit card.

    I am so sorry this happened to you...
  15. Seriously!!! I'm in AZ and I've left stuff in the car zillions of times and never had any problem like this at all. I've always felt totally safe here compared to when i was living in Boston. I always have such a hard time believing this sort of thing happens here. It just goes to show that there are good and bad people no matter where you are.
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