So upset with how I have been treated for giving advice to someone about Chanel

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  1. Just got the most childish email from tpf and apparently have a warning for giving someone advice on authentication as I have less than 500 posts. I gave the advice months too mind you!!!

    So even though I own more bags than probably the moderators and owners of this forum I am not qualified to give advice. Even though one of my good friends is a Chanel SA and I frequent the boutique weekly apparently my opinion is not valid.

    Wow, you know there could be people with 500 posts than don't own anything Chanel, so how can their opinion be valid when giving authentication advice? The whole system is flawed and not very thought out.

    With a collection of over 20 jackets, numerous other rtw pieces and 40 bags I am treated like someone who doesn't know anything about Chanel. While someone with 500+ posts not owning a thing Chanel may offer all the advice in the world regarding authentication (wow really makes sense).

    This is unacceptable. Getting abused for helping someone is totally uncalled for!!! Hopefully this post breaks some more rules so you can delete my account as I don't want to be a statistic for tpf so the owners can boast about how successful their forum is. I know I'm not the only one who has been rubbed the wrong way on here.
    Please delete my account, as I don't want to be a part of a community where the owners treat me like a subservient citizen. If you join me and we are banned together then hopefully some change can happen on here.

    Vlad treats everyone so rudely, really we are the members that generate the income for them so it's about time they started treating their members with respect. I know my minaudiere posts would have added value to the Chanel section on here and I refuse to generate interest and views for the site when they are rude to me.

    Remember without us, they are nothing.
  2. Huh? It doesn't mean they think you know nothing about Chanel. The 500 post rule is in place because random people other than then the usual authenticators jump in the authenticate forums and some times offer wrong opinions. It's just so people recognize your name as part of the community etc. It's not a punishment. Sorry you felt that way.
  3. Please take a deep breath and reconsider some of what you likely wrote in anger. At times we all get the private message that we have broken a TPF rule. It's not personal. The AT threads on these forums are taken really seriously. Occasionally we get someone on there with not enough posts who will venture a guess and members looking for an opinion trust what they are told there. I have seen newer members posting and giving incorrect advice. Really we just want to preserve the integrity of the thread. The 500 post minimum is one of the rules in place before one comments on authenticity.

    It sounds like you have quite a collection and you can contribute in alot of the threads. I don't know that your original message will get you much support, but if you rethink things and decide to share all your knowledge, that might.....There are lots of ways to give help here.
  4. I don't really see why you are so angry...I myself have an extremely large collection and feel confident in a lot of authentication details, but I wouldn't post in the AT thread if I had the required posts, and am not at all offended that I can't give advice there. A rule is a rule, it is nothing personal, and in place for a reason. I get annoyed when I see people ignoring the rule and giving advice to people that is incorrect. Just because someone feels they may possess the knowledge about authenticating doesn't always make it so...
  5. It sounds like your collection is amazing so I would not take offense. It sounds to me like you are very qualified but TPF has no way of knowing that for certain so they implement rules. Enjoy your collection and join us on TPF because who else understands our obsession with fashion? My SA can talk fashion with me but that is the only person in my life that gets it, I really enjoy TPF for that reason.
  6. TPF is a business, plain and simple. if you 'break' their rules, they can ban you from their business b/c they have that right, as owners of the website. they are protecting their site/image. they don't know you personally though, so try not to be too offended by the email. i've got them too, many of us have, on this site and others.
  7. I actually agree with OP.. having 500 posts does not make you any more or less qualified to authenticate items.. it's just an arbitrary number.

    Not sure the level of anger is proportional to the infraction though:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  8. You might be jumping the gun a little too hastily here. I've gotten an email as well about breaking a certain rule but I don't really take any offense to it...nor do I take it personally.

    It's just a fun, public forum...Don't take things too seriously, luv! We're all pretty friendly here. :hugs:
  9. The 500 post count may seem silly, but it's there as a standard to improve the advice that is given on those authentication forums. I'm sure it wasn't meant to be taken offensively, but honestly it's not up to the moderators to research your life history.

    Even if you are Karl Lagerfeld, you still need to obey by the rules of this forum!

  10. I agree! The email wasn't sent as a personal insult... It's just TPF standards I guess. Nothing that should be taken too seriously so please don't leave us ! We would love your input and comments on other threads etc [emoji4]
  11. You really need to let lots of things just roll off your back, Life is so short enjoy every moment,I've got in trouble also but i just go on with it and don"t sweat the small stuff, Would love to see your collection i know it"s amazing and i"d be in heaven.
  12. From what I have understood, 500 posts was set to ensure the people who are posting have been active in the forum. For instance, if you're trying to authenticate a Chanel bag from ebay - you don't want the seller to quickly make an account and say it is authentic (when it may not be) as that would undermine the process. The integrity of the authenticators and the reputation of the purse forum is something that is treated seriously.

  13. I too share some of your sentiments with this forum unfortunately. While I have never had an issue in the Chanel forums on here at all, the LV one was a different story. I also received one of those "warnings" as well and the reason why was totally unfair. Someone had posted a homophobic charged thread on the LV forum and I decided to state how that was wrong and I called for it to be shut down because one would think that it would obviously violate the rules and terms of TPF, right? Wrong. While several members jumped to my defense and supported me wholeheartedly (I give credit where credit is due), there were 2 members that went after me like piranhas basically condoning the thread saying that it's merely an "opinion". The thread basically categorized men wearing bags as a "gay" thing. I'm sorry, but since when is discrimination a simple opinion or something that's acceptable on here? I felt extremely marginalized at that point and because I stated that it was 2015/16 and that the thread itself was juvenile, one of the people who attacked me on that thread reported me and I received a warning. It's quite repugnant that they would allow that to happen on here and it made me totally disgusted with the whole forum (not any of the people that supported me/ do support me, you guys are awesome). What was even worse is they never even closed down the offensive thread at all. The moderator left it up-- yet me saying that a discriminatory thread is childish is SO wrong.

    You're right, you are not alone with feeling this way. I felt neglected too and discriminated against on here. It would be one thing if it were just a member here typing something to me but the fact that it was reinforced by a mod is what really disheartened me. It is completely unacceptable, you're right. I think rules here should be reformed as needed. Right now I'm at the point where I don't care if they remove my account or not either, unless some type of amnesty is offered. It has left a bad taste in my mouth when all I want to do is share my interest in bags without judgment from others on here-- I've gone through enough of that in my life growing up.
  14. While that is true, like I said earlier it's more to establish yourself in the community so that you are known and not just a random popping in to the authenticate threads. The authenticators actually have a lot of problems with this, hence the rule.
  15. I completely understand that. I am just empathizing with OP since she was using her extensive knowledge of Chanel to help someone out and got in trouble for it.

    I personally didn't know you needed 500 posts to authenticate so perhaps neither did she.. maybe a nicer approach was warranted?
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