So Upset, Someone Stole my Sisters Cd Player In Her Car....

  1. Today someone stole my sisters CD player in her car. Whoever it was they ripped out the whole CD/Radio player. They also broke her window to get in. She was going to college and she parked in the school parking lot. So upset for her. She's so sad today. It broke my heart when she called me this morning telling me the story and crying on the phone:crybaby:. I was even more upset because she just installed a brand new one a couple months ago. It cost her so much. I cant believe there was no guard at the parking lot at that time. I am so scared for her because her college is not in a very good area. Its in Paterson NJ. There is so much gangsters and crime around there. But thank God they did not open her trunk because she had her $2000 laptop and navigation system in there.
  2. That's awful! I can totally relate, someone stole my entire tool bag from my job. The feeling of being violated is terrible. I'm glad they didn't get into her trunk and get the other big ticket items. Hopefully insurance will cover the rest. A new radio/cd player won't be too hard to install, if they didn't cut the wiring harness.
  3. oh no hopefully she'll be able to claim it on her insurance. {{hugs to your sister}}

    to lighten the mood someone I knew once had their CD player stolen from the car and all off the CD's the theif left behind one album...Will Smith!
  4. Speaking from experience, that f'ing sucks. My fiance and I recently purchased a new car and we decided that we were not going to give anyone any reason to break into it, so no tinted windows, no stereo upgrades, no ipod integration kit...nothing. We do not leave anything in the car (we've learned our lesson). We installed a sensor flood light outside and we are still shopping around for security cameras.

    I do hope she feels better.
  5. Oh thats awful, thank God your sis is ok though and they didnt take her laptop.
  6. That is awful, your poor sister! That is just horrible for someone to have their car broken into. She is lucky she has a nice, caring brother, though, to help her out! :smile: