So upset, snipe service didn't work for H bid :(

  1. ^^ it may well be a blessing in disguise. The box leather appears to have cracked.
  2. Sorry to hear that Amy. Keep your eye on eBay because others do come up.
  3. Don't let it get you down...there will be others and even better. Keep a keen eye open!
  4. ^^mrssparkels is so right. Don't you worry and be happy you didn't get it :yes:
  5. Sorry this happened. You cannot be sure you would have won however, because there is no way to know what the winner's top bid actually was. At least there is no way that I know of.
    Maybe you will have better luck after Christmas.
  6. Don't worry about it, it wasn't meant to be. Another one will come your way.
    Which snipe service did you use? I use auctionsniper and it works great for me.
  7. Sorry to hear you lost your auction. I hate when it happens! But next there will always be another one! What is a snipe service?
  8. Thanks, guys. Used; I even double checked to make sure I'd done everything right *sigh* Now, I can spend more time really putting together my "dream bag" (and saving for it, of course). Sniping services come in and bid automatically for you at the last few seconds.

    Golconda, you are right, I never thought that the high bidder might have gone much higher.

    I am actually having a wonderful day, even though sick. I was sick all day yesterday and DH couldn't get off work to come home :sad: So, last night, he called our previous babysitter (who is back home from college on break) & made arrangments for her to come the entire day. I am seriously just up here watching Regis & kelly, surfing the net, and enjoying being sick with nobody to bother me (you forget what that's like until after you have kids).
  9. There will be a next time!

    I was watching that auction too... it's true, the leather wasn't in the greatest shape and you'd have to bother with getting a strap.
  10. that has happened to me before....and it was crappy!
  11. aw i'm sorry to hear you lost but i totally agree with mrssparkles. the leather does not look to be in good condition at all.
  12. I agree with the others about the leather. I bought a vintage Kelly with a terrific patina and today it is at H in France because the lining *split* it was so dry. I am very wary now.
  13. THis was a blessing in disguise, AMYTUDE. The leather is not in great condition.....I wouldn't have bid at all on this one.

    Another will come along and will be in better shape, don't worry!!!!
  14. ^^^ I'm seconding all these wise will find another one and my bet is it won't be too long.

    i recently lost out to a sniper on a gorgeous antique louis XV mahogany was to die for and i simply forgot to check the end of auction to make sure i wasn't outbid. i won't do that again! shoot.