so upset ordered a pre-loved from malleries It came today so disappointed !.

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  1. I ordered a white multi color trouville from malleries.. when i opened the box the smell of the bag blew me away it smells. Plus the bag is much smaller than i expected. I notice you have to really hunt on their website for a return policy and it does not look good. Thinking of filing a claim with Paypal. I am so upset.

    any ideas?

  2. I think you should go through the site first (I've never purchased from there so I can't say how it's done, but I'm sure there is one). If that fails, paypal would be my next suggestion. You want to exhaust all possible return options.

    Good luck!
  3. I think malleries has a pretty good return policy from their sellers. Don't panic..Look at the invoice and communicate with the seller..GL OP...
  4. Didn't they put the measurements of the bag down? The Trouville is a very small bag. Were you expecting a different style?
  5. The size is ok... I don't have a small bag so i would have been happy with it even though smaller than expected. Its the smell. My whole house reeks it is so disgusting. I have had to put it in a trash bag in my garage. Also on the pic on the website it must have been lightened up. the white is yellow and gross.
  6. As to the size of the bag, it really is up to you as the buyer to do research regarding the size and style. However, the smell is unacceptable and you should be allowed to return on this basis. If you're not covered based on the return policy, you should definitely contact PayPal. Good luck! And sorry you're so disappointed
  7. I would agree that it is up to you to check the measurements of the item, though really they should be specified by the seller (a quick search on Malleries reveals that all the Trouvilles currently available for sale have the dimensions listed). However, if it has arrived with a bad smell that was not disclosed, they should honour the return. I'm sure Paypal will be able to help you if Malleries do not cooperate.
  8. I think any odors should be part of this description of anything pre-loved. For sure try contacting seller first,for a full refund maybe they will at least they will give you a partial refund and you keep it. If not for sure go though pay pal dispute. Good luck dear.
  9. That's awful! I'm so sorry! I stay away completely from Mallories because it's just a collection of different sellers and some of them have been heavily associated with selling fakes, and photoshopping. I hope you get your refund!
  10. +1
  11. This bag was for sure photo shopped. it looks NOTHING like the pic. On the pic the patina was lighter and the white on the multi bright white. its is an old yellow. I have never in all my purchases received anything that did not look like it did in the picture . I will not use this site again.
  12. I've heard that kind of thing so often from both Mallories and Fashionphile. Try Yoogis next time. I really like them!
  13. ewe that's terrible! One thing I've learned in the past is to always ask about odor. I once bought used baby clothes on ebay and when they arrived they reeked of cigarette smoke! I even tried washing them and it didn't come out. To the trash they went. It amazes me when people sell preloved items that have odors and they don't even bother to disclose it. Good luck on your return.
  14. So sorry. Malleries is just a storefront for many different sellers... Some are great some are awful. I would never purchase from a couple Malleries sellers for sure, and one most definitely for odors. I had the same thing happen and was able to get my refund, but was out the shipping. Would you mind sharing the seller? Good luck!
  15. I purchased a Chanel bag years ago from a seller on Malleries and it was filthy dirty - GROSS. Never again.