So upset... never received my items :(

  1. I bought a lot of 3 items from a seller on eBay, paid through paypal, and hadn't received the items a week later. I just contacted her and the tracking says the package was delivered on the 8th! She e-mailed me back to verify my address and she had written it down wrong. It was absolutely correct on my paypal, which is where she got the address from. Thankfully the items weren't that expensive and I know it's an honest mistake, but they're cute little items that I don't think I can get anywhere else anymore and I just needed to vent. :crybaby:Does anyone have any experience with this? Do you think we'll be able to track down the package even though it was delivered somewhere else?
  2. I haven't had the experience, but I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope everything works out.
  3. If she sent it UPS, I would say that your chances of getting the stuff is excellent to certain. USPS, it is certainly possible.
  4. Maybe go to your post office and see what they say if it was delivered usps?
  5. Yes, it was shipped via USPS. She got back to me saying she'd refund all my money if the package isn't returned. Hopefully it'll work out. :\
  6. Is the address she sent to very much different than yours? I was gonna say if it was a number off, you might be able to stop by and ask?
  7. I'm sorry this happened to you, but your seller is very nice to offer the refund. Have you ever considered filing a claim? I've never lost an item through the mail, but I think this could be a viable option...
  8. I have had this happen & the item was returned to me. It will say delivered because it got scanned even if the item is being returned to the seller because the address is wrong. I would say you have a good chance of getting your items. Goodluck!
  9. In the UK, if an item is sent by registered mail, of any kind, you can check and see who signed for it.

    You can even get copies of the actual signatures, if you use Royal Mail, for a small fee.

    DHL print on your receipt who it was signed by, and what time.
    All very useful when tracing a 'lost' parcel.:yes:

    Good luck with tracing your missing package - it just may not be very far away at all.;)
  10. Oh wow I didn't know that! She's checking her PO Box today, so hopefully she'll have gotten it back. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! :smile:
  11. hope all works out!