So upset, need help!(fake purse)

  1. Hello everyone I really need some advice on what to do. I recently bid and won on a LV purse. This was my first time using eBay so I was quick to rush and place the bid. However as soon as the auction ended I saw the bag was fake and sent a message to the seller asking what the return policy is because its not listed anywhere in the auction. Then some members on the tpf all agreed it is fake. So I sent many messages to the seller telling her I will pay the eBay listing fees but refund my cc. Its been three days and I think she is ignoring my messages because the item came in the mail today and it Horribly fake!:throwup: and Im stil lnot getting any response....Im so upset..I dont know what to do....It came with insurance on it..should I just say I never got the item so I can get my money back or open a dispute for item "not as decribed"? I tried to do it the fair way in the beginning but now im losing patience!
    thanks for any of your help :smile:
  2. ok so after reading around here Im thinking I should print a copy of the auction, take pics of the bag and mail back the bag with signature confirmation and then call my cc company and get a chargeback?
    Im not sure what to do because the seller is ignoring my eBay messages and I cant seem to get her contact information and she sent me the bag from a P.O. box....Does anyone know if Fedex will give me her real address?
  3. If she is not responding to you, I would file a claim for not as described. Escalate it to a claim as soon as you can.
  4. Yes, file a dispute immediately, and please do NOT send the bag back unless paypal tells you to do so. Otherwise, you have no proof that you received a fake.

    You need to file a dispute with eBay/paypal first and then if you do not receive your money back, file a chargeback with your credit card company.
  5. ^^ I paid with a credit card and I dont think i ever signed up with Paypal but I received a email of a receipt from paypal, so im wondering should i file a dispute with paypal too, or do u think just ebay?

    also,all i have is the members p.o. box address. is it possible to send it to there if i have to? or do i need a regular address?
  6. I'm sorry this happened to you. It sounds like you used your credit card via the Paypal portal and you can't open a claim with both Ebay and Paypal. If you have a PP receipt, it should be open to you to open a SNAD claim and you should definitely do that. Don't lie about non-receipt, nor send the bag back unless and until PP tells you to. Be as clear as you can in explaining why this is a fake/counterfeit item and don't delay in opening your claim. There is loads of good advice in this subforum and people will support you to the end, so try not to be too despondent.
  7. I agree, open a dispute now. I would think that you have to have a PP account in order to have paid with credit card on ebay. Open the dispute and just wait for paypal to tell you what to do next. If all else fails, dispute with your credit card company and do a charge back.
  8. Open a dispute ASAP. I don't think this seller will refund your money. Keep us posted please.
  9. ok so I tried to open a dispute with paypal and Im not sure how to log-in because I only used my credit card once..should I just call them directly? I dont want towaste time before it is too late:s
  10. ok i opened a dispute with PP. Ill keep u all updated
  11. Good, I am pleased you got the ball rolling - do let us know how you go and if you need any more advice.
  12. I finally got a response from the seller, its funny how she never read any of the many messages I sent to her until i filed a dispute.

    "I have just read all your messages. First of all, how can you dare to call the purse a fake when you haven`t even received it yet. When you do receive it, take it to a L V store and have them look at it, not your friend who works in a dept. store. I have sold many designer bags on Ebay. Check my feedback. It sounds to me like you have "buyer`s remorse". If you check Ebays` policies, you will see that your bid was a contract."

    I dont have "buyers remorse" I would have no problem is this bag was authentic.I was scammed out of my hard-earned money for a cheap imitation. I dont know LV extremely well but even I knew as soon as I saw it that its fake. On top of that the bag is dirty and has a horrible smell! the inside zipper is dirty and there are tar-like marks on the front of the bag! I took pics of this and will show it to her. I got her number form ebay and plan to call her tommorow and try to resolve this and come to some kind of agreement. If not, then I will escalate this to a claim, wish me luck and thank you ladies for your advice and concern! :smile:
  13. Here's some great info that will lower your level of stress & panic:

    1. First of all, LV stores don't do authentications, so the fact that she wants you to go there will do you no good. Go to and have them authenticate your bag for a nominal fee. They'll send you written authentication of the bag.

    2. If bag is proven to be fake, write this information in your Paypal Claim page and send the info to the seller. From now on, DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THE SELLER OUTSIDE OF THE CLAIM PAGE. This will be your written proof that you are doing all that you can to resolve this.

    3. Once this proof is there, seller has no choice but to accept the bag back and refund.

    3. MOST IMPORTANT: Paypal gives you only 20 days to resolve this case. Do not leave the seller's response unreplied to by you within this time, or you will lose the claim. Be dilligent about the timeframe you have.

    4. If all else fails, you were smart to purchase with your Visa credit card, I NEVER make purchases via Paypal with anything other than a credit card, because it protects you two fold. If Paypal decides to rule against you, you can file your chargeback with your Credit Card Company. You have 60 days from the transaction date to file this claim with Visa, but don't worry, there is even a last resort to this! You can still claim Fraud on the seller and your Credit Card company will investigate it, no matter the timeframe.

    5. Good Luck!
  14. ^^thanks for the great advice!

    but im a little confused, should i file a claim with ebay as well or just PP?

    and with PP should I sign up for the "Buyer Protection Program"?
  15. is your address confirmed/verified? if not the seller is not protected, even with insurance on the package