SO UPSET!!! My Neighbor's Dog Bit My DOG!

  1. I am so upset! We were walking our dogs earlier today and our neighbor had his 10 year old daughter take one of their pitbulls outside. Anyways, the pit, normally very sweet, got free, ran towards us and just bit down on my 12 lb JRT's leg. The dog is just too big for the little girl to control. She was absolutely hysterical, screaming and crying and we had to literally beat the pit to let go of my dog. Another neighbor had to jump in to control the pitt. This dog is normally quite sweet to people, to other dogs, I'm not really sure.

    I'm really upset with the pit's owner for not having proper controls over their dog. :cursing: The dog is a puppy so he probably didn't mean to do harm. He did break the skin, she bled a little, it is near her elbow and she is limping. My hubby doesn't think it's a big deal. I'm worried that she has a fracture or a sprain and am pressing him to take her to the vet.

    I don't think it's fair nor a safe situation. I like them as neighbors. It probably didn't occur to them that their puppy would do this. How would you deal with this?? I don't want to sound completely unreasonable, but if the little girl can't control the dog, maybe she shouldn't be the one to take it out? I am so ticked off at them right now.
  2. Hugs to you and your dog!

    Has their dog met yours before? Maybe it was being territorial.
  3. I would def want to take my dog into the vet just to be sure nothing is wrong or your furbaby isn't in any pain. What about rabies? Has the pit had all it's shots?

    I am so sorry this happened, but I do agree, the kid shouldn't be responsible for the dog the adult should be the one handling the dog,
  4. Caitlin - I don't know. This was out on the street where we all walk our dogs. I would be surprised that it would be territorial there. Even then, I don't think it excuses them.

    Reddianasaur - This is something that I want to know too. I think it so, but I'm not 100% sure. They are required to, but who knows with people. It looks like to me that she is in pain since she is limping. :sad:
  5. Of course, there's no excuse for that. A 10 year old should not be walking a pit bull and the pit bull should not have bitten your dog.

    Take the dog to the vet first. After that, talk to the neigbors and tell them what happened.
  6. You got baby asprin in the house? I'm going to look up what the vet gave me on giving baby asprin for shots for our puppy who is 4 pounds
  7. I would be mad too. I would tell the parents that you are going to take the dog to a vet for a check and you do expect them to reimburse you for the charges. Good neighbor or not, this is not cool.
  8. Caitlin: Thanks, I'm just still really upset. That puppy of theirs is usually sweet towards people. A part of me wants to scream at the parents though and ask them WTH they're thinking!

    Good news: Hubby finally has agreed that we will take her to the vet. I don't even know what kind of information we need from them. Other than rabies, do we need their entire shot records?
  9. Pain:
    Asprin (dogs)5mg/lb 1 to 3 times a day with food
    tylenol: (dogs)7mg/lb 1 to 3 times a day with food
    Do not give to cats with out consulting your vet first
    In drugs dosed by mg/pound you must first weigh the pet and then determine the strength of the medication that you are using Remember many pets have died after treatment with the wrong drug dosage when it doubt seek professional help
  10. I would think you would need all shot records,
  11. My guess is that your vet will put your dog on antibiotics to be on the safe side.
  12. I do have some remaining doggie pain medicine for her. I could give her some of that. I can't believe this happened. It all happened so fast.
  13. I would DEFINITELY take your dog to the vet immediately! Don't wait. Dog bites can be more tramautic internally than what you actually see and you don't want to regret waiting. As for pain meds, please wait until you see the doctor. I would take your dog to an emergency or critical care hospital. As for information, unless the other dog bit a person, you don't have to provide anything by law. Rabies vaccination record will help ease your mind. Let me know if I can be of any help further, but I hope you are already on your way to a veterinary hospital.
  14. So upset this has happen to you and your dog, I so hope she is going to be OK, and glad hubby agree to vets best place for her.
    Pitbulls are lovely dogs but I have found quite a few problems with the males of this breed while brilliant with owners not so good with other dogs. They seem to be better after they are "done". You are going to have a problem now trying to avoid this dog as theirs a good chance it will do it again
  15. I would speak to you neighbor and tell them exactly what happened. If they feel sorry and responsible (as they really should) they will offer to pay for the vet bill. As a dog owner, if any of my dogs did damage to a neighbor's property or to their person, then I should be morally and legally responsible. I hope JRT will be ok!!! {hugs}