So upset.. lost a beloved tattersall item at the airport

  1. Well, I just got back from a trip and I had my parking ticket in my Tattersall wristlet. I tried paying at one of those stupid machines INSIDE the airport and it wouldn't read my ticket. So I moved to another machine and still same thing.

    So, somewhere between taking out the wristlet to get the ticket and getting to an AT&T store for a new SIM card I lost her.

    She had $160 cash, three bank checkcards, TONS of gifrtcards (Cheesecake Factory anyone?), pictures of my precious Godchild, and my stampcards for my coffee shop.

    Altogether probably $500+ cause I was too stupid/lazy to double-check that I put everything back in my Lily. I was dragging two suitcases and my Lily overstuffed, so I had my hands full.

    I am just to tired and depressed to even be angry.

    I called and spoke to the aiport lost-found and NWA's lost and found with no luck.

    I called and cancelled the three bank cards, but there was no activity on any of them.

    Maybe she will show up????? (wishful thinking I know)
  2. Awe, I am sooo sorry this happened. I would be so upset! Was there anything in there with your name/address on it? Maybe a good Samaritan picked it up and will mail it to you!! Wishful thinking, but it's possible!
  3. Oh I am so sorry. I know you you are probably going to most angry with yourself. Maybe there is still a good Samaritan out there.
  4. OMG, I am SO sorry!!! That is terrible!!! I would suggest calling all the places that you were when you had the card. Are you sure you didn't without thinking about it, slip it into the front pocket on the lily..or some place else?? I have done that simply without thinking, because it's almost a reflex. I really hope you find it!!
  5. Oh, Coachfreak, I'm SO very sorry this happened! Gosh, I'm hoping you'll actually find your stuff in one of your luggages or your Lily - it's wishful thinking, I know, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that they may still pop up in time? Or like some other Posters have stated - a good Samaritan may return them to you?
  6. The Lily is so big I just kept thinking it was hiding.

    Now I am home, and ALL the contents are on the couch. Definitely not there.
    I have looked in the car 4 times, but hey the 5th time is the charm, right?

    I called Coach earlier, no luck. I also went to Apple, but I think they would have called since they have my info. I think I will call them just in case.

    When I went in AT&T I only took my ID case, so it wouldn't be there.

    I either left it on the pay terminal at the airport or dropped it on the way to the car. I really wanted to drive back and look, but the airport lost/found closed and it is 85 miles one way from my house. I filled out the form online and gave a VERY detailed description of the contents. ALso, since it was my bankcard was in there a really nice person could drop in off at the back (like I do when I find a cell phone), but AAAAAAAhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  7. I am so sorry to hear this! I hope a good person found it and is returning it to you or turned it in.

  8. I'm so sorry! I hope it gets returned to you safe and sound. :sad:
  9. Sorry to hear about this. Big-time bummer!!
    Like others have said, I'm hoping a good Samaritan will turn it in too.

    And you're not too stupid/lazy!! These things happen....especially in hectic places like airports.
  10. I *REALLY* hope someone is nice enough to return her to you!!!!! **fingers crossed** for you!

  11. Sorry this happened...I hope you get a phone call from someone saying they have your stuff.
  12. I am hoping, too, that a good person found it and you'll get everything back! I will say a little prayer for you.
  13. O my gosh, I know how this feels... I had lost a wallet once when I was in the bathroom during my college days... It didn't show up for like 3 days, and it was like you coachfreak, with all my cards, etc in it... it showed up, someone dropped it off at the post office w/all the info in it... there are good samaritans out there! You'll definitely be in my thoughts.... I hope you find it..
  14. So sorry to hear that... I hope someone will return it :confused1:
  15. oh,no i'm so sorry this happened! i hope it turns up!