So upset..just got bashed for my gift!!

  1. I posted this thread this morning

    and my friend had taken over the gift to my niece's house this afternoon. I just got a phone call from my cousin - niece's mom who basically refused the gift and yelled at me saying I was a label whore and gave this gift to her daughter to show the rest of the world how much money I had, and did I want her daughter to think she was entitled to designer stuff?

    I'm so sad. I think I should have been more careful before giving her such a gift. Maybe I was more influenced by young PFers who said they carried designer items from young ages and loved the stuff they had, and so it felt like a normal and okay gift to give.

    I ended up looking like a materialistic person who tried to show off in front of everybody else by buying my niece a very expensive gift. I don't know if my friend will take back her backpack, and I feel bad to ask for my money back if my cousin returns the gift (she said she would).
  2. Im sorry, that was really awful of your cousin. You weren't trying to cause any harm, you were just buying a thoughtful gift for someone you love.
  3. Um... WOW.

    What an ungrateful response from your cousin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cursing: She could've at least been more appreciative that you spent so much on her little one because you love your niece and not because you're trying to turn her into a label whore. I am appalled right now :yucky: , I cant believe family members act like that towards other family members!

    Can you ask your friend for the eluxury receipt so you can return it and get eluxury credit? at least this way you can get something you'll like.
  4. I'm sorry that happened to you, when you were trying to be generous and kind. I know that kind of thing does tend to bother some people. It certainly wouldn't bother me! :biggrin:

    I must admit, I'm surprised you got your niece such a gift, in light of your earlier posts.
  5. Although I do think this is a little expensive for such a young girl. I would tell her the story of why you bought it for her did not go into LV and buy the got to know about the bag because of your friend. Your neices mum is upset because maybe she cant afford these thing but she is out of order. She should except, apologise and move on. :smile:
  6. Personally, IMO, I would have asked the child's parent before buying anything super expensive like that. It doesn't matter if it's a relative or a BFF. I just think it puts the parent in an awkward position and it's quite possible that the child may expect it the next event that comes in their life.
  7. Did she actually SAY all that to you?? Wow. Although I wouldn't buy that for my own child I certainly wouldn't turn it down as a gift (I would never turn down a gift unless it was offensive - like a Hitler doll or something ;))

    She sounds like a BIOTCH!

    Also if I had a niece I would spoil her rotten! Then it would be my brother's job to make sure she's a good kid - ha ha ha ha ha
  8. I am sorry for the reaction your obtained. I do feel that a LV backpack for a four year old is extravagant IMOP. Maybe Highschool. I do not agree that she called you names etc. She should have explained how she felt in a more productive manner and used a little descretion. I grew up in a wealthy town and no-one in my high school carried LV. I work in a high school and the bags I see at that age are Dooney/Coach. These are only a handful of students. LV is probably more seen in Cali, or New York in schools (just guessing here). I also work with Pre-k and honestly there is no reason a 3-4 year old should have LV. I understand your good intentions, but I also understand her mother not wanting her to have LV at that age. Her response should have thought out more carefully and more articulate.
  9. I am so sorry that happened to you.
  10. Don't blame yourself. No child is ruined by an occasional luxury. They are only ruined when they are showered with everything they want, and not taught to appreciate what they have. Believe me, I do not like spoiled children, but it sounds like your niece's character is impeccable, so it would have been a gift she cherished. It sounds to me like her parents might have had their pride hurt a bit, but I hope they come around and let her keep it. After all, your motives were pure when you sent it, and this is just a misunderstanding.
  11. Im so sorry. That was very nice of you to give to yor niece. Any ideas of why she got so mad at you?
  12. Yes, I should have trusted my instincts on this one. Since I seriously don't want to put my own child on a 'brand name' track I should have thought more about the gift before giving it.

    Many other posts by PFers who said that designer goods at an early age did not influence their attitudes made me reverse my own opinion, and I thought 'why not?' - if everybody else does it why do I have to be so uptight about not giving kids designer items? I was also trying to help out my friend, and a lot of things came together so I thought my gift would be all right.
  13. i am so sorry...that was kinda rude for your cousin to say that. you were trying to give her daughter a nice gift... IMO
  14. Why was this moved? It's about the LV gift you gave.

    Hmm - anyhoo - Also wanted to say - it's not that gift that will ruin your niece it's being exposed to insensitive reactions.
    I hope she didn't hear your cousins reaction. And hopefully your cousin discussed with her why she can't have it without using the words 'Label Whore'
  15. medhavi, you can be my auntie.:flowers: