So upset and sad - green perfo strap issues!!

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm so upset right now... I exchanged the gold patent bowler for the perforated green east/west just this past Thursday at Saks Nyc. I've used the bag a total of two times - once out to the mall and dinner with my b/f, and just tonight to meet my friend at Starbucks. I'm very anal with my bags, and baby them to death (the dust cover even comes out with me, and if I'm in a restauarant, my bag rests inside as opposed to on the chair, etc. :smile:). I just noticed tonight that the leather on the strap on one side has completely separated!!!!! :wtf::crybaby: It's not as if I overstuffed my bag either - Chanel wallet, keys and cell, so I can't believe this. Has anyone had this happen to their bag (particularly a perfo bag), or seen this? My fear is that I will exchange it for a new one, only to have it happen again, which would be really upsetting, not to mention annoying as hell. Thanks for letting me vent. :Push:

    Pic of the strap where it has separated: :crybaby:

    I was going to post this in the "Your Chanel in Action" thread, but too sad to do that now:
  2. :tdown: omg!!!

    Take it to the store tomorrow and ask for a new bag. I was at chanel earlier today, there was another lady was asking chanel to fix her med flap strap. Quality is soooo bad now....Are they hand-made???
  3. wow. i'm so sorry that happened. definately bring it back and exchange it. that should not have happened.

    your outfit looked really cute btw. love the watermelon top and the green looked awesome with it!

    i just noticed you're in poughkeepsie. love that area. i did a summer thing at vassar a few years ago. i hear the mall nearby is better now. there was nothing there when i was there a few years ago!
  4. Oh no!!! I would be devastated too!

    You most certainly should get a new bag! Be sure to let us know what happens!

    I love the gorgeous green!
  5. OMG Minal. :wtf: So sorry to hear that. I'd hightail it straight to Saks and ask for a refund. Why don't you exchange it for a classic flap instead? I'd be livid if I took back the perfo and the same thing happened w/the replacement.

    Wait, the gold patent bowler? Would the gold have been your 3rd bowler? :nuts:
  6. mkarya - I know!! :crybaby: I believe they are handmade - I remember reading somewhere that a classic flap goes through 80+ (86 might have been the exact number) steps before completion, but what the hell, it seems as though Chanel is skipping several steps nowadays! :tdown:

    hlfinn - I'll be going to Saks on Thursday, so I'll definitely bring it back then - no Saks or any stores around me in Poughkeepsie haha. Ohhh, Vassar is a great college, I almost went there for undergrad, but decided to go a bit further away (in NJ). The area is really nice, but for shopping, I always end up at the Westchester Mall (since my bf is near there), or the city. :smile: Aww, thanks for your sweet comment about my top :heart: - I thought the tank was cute and summery - it's by C&C california, and the top over it is by Michael Stars.

    snowwhite - I love the green too, but now I'm scared to replace it - I probably will end up getting the same bag again though, don't know for sure though, so wish me luck! :sweatdrop:
  7. Hi Jenn. Thanks! I definitely will be marching my butt to Saks on Thursday (the soonest I can make it there). I should probably get another classic flap, I know - I just thought the shade of green was pretty and summery, but man, if this were to happen again, I would be :cursing: mad!! I'm just so unsure now, ahh! Haha, uhh... yes. :shame:

  8. LOL, Minal! If you love the style, by all means get one in every color! If you haven't already noticed, I buy the same bag in different colors as well. :yes: Did you ever take pics of the gold bowler?

    I missed those pics that you posted. The bag looks amazing on you! It's definitely a great color for summer. I'd exchange it for a classic flap though, *just* in case it happens again.
  9. Awww!! That's bad!! Take it to the shop and ask for replacement!
  10. omg! that is horrible! i really hope saks doesnt give you any problems when youre returning/exchanging it!!

    btw love your watermelon tank! i want to get that one and the ice cream one for the summer!
  11. Haha, true true, I have tons of flaps (my favorite style), so if it ain't broke (like my green perfo strap literally is, ahh!), no need to fit it. :P Doubles are definitely NOT a bad thing - you have some gorgeous doubles! :drool: I never did take pics of the gold bowler... though I replaced that gold with another gold (but from NM), in the form of the matte gold flap (my SA found one for me!), so we're twins yet again haha! :nuts: Aww, thanks Jenn... yeah, I just might get another classic flap, because I'm really scared about the possibility of this happening again, and if it did, I'd be :hysteric::mad:!!!

  12. iqaganda/Rica - I will - might end up getting something different though. :Push:

    mello_yello_jen - I sure hope not either. I have the receipt, so I can't imagine them having a problem with the return or exchange! Aww, thanks - I just love C&C tanks, they're so cute IMO. I have that ice cream one btw, you should definitely get it (and the watermelon too)!! :tup:
  13. wow..Id call the SA there in advance and tell her what maybe she can pull some replacemt bags for u?
    so sorry that happened..Id freak out!ITS A FAB COLOR!
  14. Matte gold flap! :nuts::yahoo: Oh, you definitely made an excellent decision. Whatever you decide to do, don't forget to post pics! :P
  15. So sorry this happened Minal! But don't be afraid of a replacement. I took a chance and replaced my Cloudy Bundle tote when the strap broke and knock wood, the second bag has been fine. Mfg. defects usually show up in the first few days or week of wear. I am fuming right along with you that there are defects with the prices we are paying. Even the smallest things should not be overlooked. We don't want Chanel to ever think that we are willing to pay premium for substandard workmanship.

    If you love the bag (the color is TDF!) then you should take a chance on another. Let us know the outcome!