So upset! Accused of selling fake!

  1. I am so upset right now. I sold a bag and the buyer accused me of selling a fake. My heart is pounding and I have a lump in my throat! I bought the bag from an authorized dealer (Shop Jake) and I have the receipt, so I can prove authenticity. But with all the horror stories on here I am worried about Paypal taking money out of my account. The bag I bought was sold out, but now it is back on Jake's website for LESS than the buyer paid me. I am thinking she saw the tag, checked the website, saw the bag was cheaper at Jake, and now wants to return my bag and get the cheaper one. At any rate, I am just really upset by having my character questioned. I don't even think this style and brand is faked because it wasn't popular enough. Anyways, I just needed to vent and let off some steam.
  2. This happened to me a few months ago with a cole haan bag. I'd say just try not to panic. If your bag is authentic, hopefully it should all work out for you. Keep us posted.
  3. The first thing to do is EMPTY your Paypal account! If she files a claim they will freeze that cash. I never leave any money in that account at all. She's either got remorse, saw the ad you saw at a cheaper price or she's pulling a bait and switch.
  4. ditto to judge judys words! paypal are no ones pal
    also remove your bank account details

    If they freeze people accounts ( limit them) it then does not allow you to remove your credit card details or bank details

    read there policy its frightening what we sign up too

    I know how you feel , but try let all that emotion go, people that truly matter to you in your life know you as you, the cyber world makes people act in a very cowardly and often bad way

    now imagine violet light swirling around you working down to the floor taking all of those negative feelings out of you

    stand tall you only have you and the Big man in the sky to account to in this world

  5. She needs to prove the bag is fake, I agree with you, she wants it cheaper from the site, let her know she bought the bag & is welcome to turn around & sell it herself now that she owns it.
  6. Thanks for your kind words, everyone. I don't normally sell bags on eBay, but the bag was on sale and only returnable for store credit. I never dreamed I would be accused of selling a fake, especially with this brand/style. I know I shouldn't take it personally, but I can't help but be insulted. I am sure it will work out in the end. I did empty my PayPal account. Are they allowed to take money out of my bank account without my permission?
  7. This happened to me a few times, I had the receipts etc. sometimes I just accepted the item back and refunded them minus my fees, but when the buyer was really a pain, they just filed a paypal claim/dispute and yes, the money was held, but they have to prove authenticity or lack thereof... which they couldnt, and I scanned the receipts and emailed them to paypal, and then the claims were dropped. So, yes even tho it IS annoying and they do hold the money for that period of time, you eventually win.
  8. I have heard threats of this, but never really heard it happening.. I dont see how its legal, Id like to know if this has happened to anyone....
  9. yes if they limit your account they will go into your bank account or credit card to take funds

    If you read the agreement you have signed to say that is ok
    If people read the agreement I tell you its scarey what you are signing away

    also once they limit your account they can keep your funds for six months

    And you cannot remove your credit card details or bank details which to me is outrageous!
  10. you really can't remove your details? I thought you could delete it?

    you can't delete any of it? paypal scares me more and more every day
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Everything worked out fine and she realized it is authentic. Her friend had a bad experience with a fake from eBay, so she was just worried. Thanks!
  12. Glad everything worked out for you!
  13. Im glad everything worked out, Ive had a buyer accuse me of selling a fake and then DEMAND that I send him a real one in return.. I was like excuseeee me?

    Then he said that I ruined his weekend and his gf's bday since it was a gift for her and now he couldnt give it to her.. whatever loser, youre looking at the real thing, suck it up and keep crying!
  14. What a relief katheryn.
  15. I am glad everything worked out for you. I was starting to get a little scared thinking she wanted to scam you.