So undecided, need your opinions/help PLEASE!


Which color for third bag?

  1. truffle

  2. greige

  3. other (suggest below please)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am not one to have tons of handbags (until my new Bbag obssession!) and I want to maximize my color choices and think that 3 bags is enough for now (we'll see how long that lasts!).

    I have a camel, I know I am buying a black city when I find the right one....but what about for the third?? I am really stuck between truffle or greige twiggy. I have a beautiful truffle on hold but I'm just not in love with it because I'm unsure about color and I haven't found a nice greige twiggy. Do you think camel + black + truffle is OK?

    I feel like they are all very dark and wintery and camel and truffle are in that brownish family. When I'm wearing something brownish I could easily reach for camel and not need truffle, right? Also, can I use truffle is summer? I know I can easily use camel. But I also know greige is light, matches everything, and I could easily use in summer. Part of me feels like I need a lighter bag in that group.

    I ask your help because my SA is getting annoyed with my indecisiveness and putting bags on hold. Unfortunately, she just wants to sell and offers little advice. I am really bad at making color decisions (also had a hard time deciding on a sweater this week!). I appreciate all your opinions/suggestions!!
  2. Hi! I'd go for the truffle - such a rich colour and you could use it year round.
    All those yummy neutral colours.....for your fourth bag (because you'll know there'll be one!) you'll have to get a zingy bright colour - rouge vif, perhaps?;)
  3. Funny I'm pretty much in the same situation (apart the black which I don't care for yet).
    I voted other because you don't really love the truffle.
    I do like the idea of a greige twiggy myself but it must be really a unique one since the greige city I saw here was a little boring. And honestly I'm a bit scared of it turing too easily dirty or yellowish.

    So my suggestion is rouge vif yep I know it's not your sort of color mine neither but the more I see it (rouge vif thread) the more I love it.
    It's a little daring but so nice!

    I will head to a shop on friday (they put it away for me and hope it will match my expectations).
    Just dare a little color...!

    Keep us posted on what you decide.
  4. Can someone post a picture of both the colours?
  5. I voted for other. I think you should get a color. You already have neutral and I would get something fun. maybe a nice blue, or red.
  6. I also voted for Other. I agree with meemie that you already have two neutral colours so a rouge vif or blueberry bag would be a perfect addition to your balenciaga family:yes:
    If you are not in love with the truffle then don't get it. You have a camel one and truffle is just a darker shade of brown. Let us know what you decided!
  7. I agree...if you already have camel, then you don't need another bag in the brown family. Looks like there will be a lot of nice blues in the S/S07 season...wait until then. :yes:
  8. i think you're all right. i don't NEED another brown family bag, it's just that this particular twiggy in truffle has the nicest leather i think i have ever seen on a bbag, absolutely the softest, smoothest, butterlike leather but not plain, has character. just so rich, geez i'm dazing off into space just thinking about it, you should see me when i actually touch the bag, the SA thinks i'm fondling it. i think i am just drawn to that more than anything really.

    i really hate this indecision. i seem to think that when i see the bag i want i will know it right away and i won't have to agonize over it forever, i think i should take that as a sign and go with it.
  9. That did happen to me with my hubby :lol: , but not to the same extend with bags.
    Just help me understand you said you don't "love" the truffe but when you describe it it almost sounds as if you do.
    So I must admit I don't totally get it.
    I think if you really love it who cares if you need it at least you will use and enjoy it. I understand the idea of maximizing colorchoices but it's all a matter of "heart" not so much of "reason" I think.
    Since we all know that we actually don't NEED another bag!
  10. Girl you need some colour now!!!Rouge vif First:heart: I like dark colour. My bags are in dark colour exept for my Rouge vif and my Blue India...............Choose a colour now you like it!!!:yes: :yes:
  11. Love the greige as a good neutral. It goes with so many things and pops against darker colors.
  12. get a color, bal bags have such amazing colors and you have a nutral color already. I say a red or blue, so my vote is for other!
  13. Other - a blue!
  14. Well you make it tough. If you found a truffle that is as special as you said, that would be hard to pass up. Greige is fabulous because it is a year round bag, goes with everything and it has so much personality.
    The rouge VIF is gorgeous and pops with anything you wear that's for sure. I tend to carry neutrals for everyday use and they seem to be the ones that I grab the most often.
    Some of the trufle pictures that have been posted here have been gorgeous and I am sort of regretting not getting one but the argyle for spring looks very similar.
    There.......did I make you even more confused?:P
    Get the Greige or rouge. :graucho:
  15. catcat, I think you got it when you said it is a matter of heart not reason. I love the truffe twiggy because the leather is beautiful...but when i use reason I think it's not smart to get a truffe when I already have camel. So, that's why I hesitate so much to get the truffe, not because i don't like the color but because i feel like I might not use it enough because i have already another brownish bag, you see?

    that said, i am still thinking about the truffe but now i am also thinking about rouge and mind is a mess!