So, uh. This happened, new bgd studs

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  1. Last week I cut my hair to my collarbone (a decision I almost immediately regretted...). And I also ordered a pair of tiny bezel studs. I returned my Kwiat's because I never wore them (yea, I know that sounds silly then to buy new studs) but part of why I didn't wear them was because the prongs and my work phone were not friends. I think these will work better when I am on my work phone because I can't do a headset unfortunately.

    Platinum handmade bezels with .30 ctw (.15 per ear) Brian Gavin melee.

    They arrive Friday!

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  2. Ooooooh! I hope you love them!!! I can't wait to hear.
  3. They look great! We need an ear-shot on Friday :graucho:
  4. I hope I get a chance to do them in daylight. I am SOOOOO nervous and excited. I kept this mostly under wraps for a while.
  5. You got studs too? :graucho:

    Let's hope USPS melts a pathway to your front door with these fireballs - can't wait to see ear shots!
  6. Congrats! How exciting! Can't wait to see the shots!
  7. Hopefully Friday Ill be buzzing out for lunch to grab them at the holding station. It's supposed to actually be nice on Friday!

    Yea we need to do lunch here soon. The weather seems to want to sort of cooperate, well yknow, other than the plan to kill us all tomorrow.
  8. Very exciting! I bet your hair looks adorable!
  9. Oooo congrats ! Diamond studs are the best ! Can't wait to see modelling shot :smile:
  10. sounds like you will be looking tres chic with your new cut and diamond earings!...congratulations!
  11. wow! i love these settings!
  12. How exciting, can't wait to see more pics!!
  13. These are perfect for everyday and nice occasions too. : )
  14. they are very pretty !!! :smile:
  15. Lovely earrings....haven't seem those before...oh..I sense trouble ahead...LOL