So uh...Guess What.

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  1. I got a job!


    About 6 months ago we heard for sure that our office would be closing due to CitiMortgage buying our portfolio and all subsequent business. Feb 29th '08 was my last day, but it was cool cause I got a 6 month severance. I've been casually putting out feelers, but nothing too crazy. If something happened, it happened. If not, no biggie. Well, something happened. I had a phone interview last week, a face to face interview yesterday, and today, they offered me the position...with a 30% increase from my last salary. On top of that, I'll still be getting my severance pay until Oct of this year.

    Who kicks ass?? Me!

    Ok, carry on. :smile:
  2. Fabulous news Charles, many congratulations. I saw the title and got a bit excited that you had maybe popped the question to Kara.
  3. Yay, Charles!

    Yay for people who have jobs!
  4. NICE!!! Way to go, Charles, congrats!!
  5. ME TOO!

    LOL, congrats Charles! :tup:
  6. Awesome. Congrats!
  7. Great news Charles, congratulations!

    When will you start?
  8. WOW, that's awesome Charles!!!! CONGRATS!!!

    And where have you been? Haven't seem you around here lately.
  9. So what do you do?

    (Besides being majorly awesome, I mean.)
  10. I thought you got engaged.(next right)?j/k:P
  11. That's great! :smile:
  12. Uh...popping the question is not gonna happen. Let's be reasonable!

    I start Apr 7th. As for what I do...I'm a database developer/low level programmer/report analyst. I basically make your job easier by automating tasks and organizing data so you can make intelligent/informed business decisions. ;)
  13. yay! congrats charles! buy kara something nice with all your newfound extra cash!
  14. That's awesome Charles, many congrats!
  15. :yahoo: How exciting, congratulations and best wishes!!
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