So, truly, how practical is the keepall for air travel?


May 9, 2011
Live in SLC; work in SJC
I fly weekly and do carry on, I would love a keepall 45-50 but I think I wouldn't find it comfortable for carrying from curb to security, from security to gate, gate to plane and back. You get my drift...
Those who actually own them and use them....this is directed to you!!
Do you use it and love it or is it a hassle and should I be looking at rolls aboards for something I will LOVE using???
Chime in!! I do t want to make a $1500 mistake here!! Thx in advance!!


Aug 30, 2011
Great question. I'm going to ask for luggage for Christmas and I've wondered the same thing so I'm going to keep an eye on this thread. :santawave:


Jun 30, 2011
I have the Damier Infini Keepall 45. I haven't flown with it yet but we did go on our first Trip this week by car. This bag will be strictly carryon for me and that's why I got the 45 and not the 55 which I was afraid would get too heavy if full. Also I had previously bought and returned an Epi keepall because it didn't come with a shoulder strap. I didn't use the strap on my bag this trip but I'm sure I would if traveling by air. If I end up needing a larger keepall it will be the Damier Graphite 55. I wouldn't mind having to check that piece if I had to. I know I have really answered your question but I hope my limited experience may shed help.


Apr 17, 2010
I've taken my 60 on every flight for the past 5 years and it still looks good as new (although I am very careful with my bags, not putting them on the floor etc). In terms of practicality, remember that it has to go through security and it'll get handled by cabin crew as they make space in the overhead lockers - something I used to be paranoid about but have learned to be less precious!! It can get heavy without a strap but honestly it's worth it IMO - I get so many compliments wherever I travel!


May 8, 2009
I have the Keepall 55 with strap & have used it for air travel a few times. I love it, but would get one with a strap for sure. I don't have any negatives to say on using it, it is a great carry on.


Feb 14, 2010
I had a Keepall 55, absolutely lovely bag, but too heavy, even with just a few items in it, and walking through long airport corridors my back and shoulder suffered... I tried the 45 int the store but still too heavy for me, I now have a Neverfull GM, lighter, easier and I carry fewer things on board, if not I would have a small roll on luggage.


Mar 31, 2008
I have a mono Keepall 50 and used it thrice to travel overseas since I bought it last August 2010. I love the bag, definitely. But during my first trip, I have packed a lot and it did tend to be really heavy. As in. So during my second and (especially) third trip, I thought over carefully over the things I really need to carry and I survived the transfer, walking , running, etc. Well my trips don't usually last more than a week and I just hand-carry my Keepall, and carry a smaller on-the-go bag. I don't check-in. Also depending on the place you are going to, for the three airports, I had no problem with Kota Kinabalu because it was small and lesser chance of carrying the bag than on a trolley; but it was another issue for HK and especially Seoul (rushing towards the Seoul subway system without an escalator!), but the trolleys are everywhere once you are in the airport.

But honestly, for my next trip, especially if I were to go on a colder season (i.e. autumn)/longer stays, I might be still bringing my Keepall IF ONLY I have a roll-on luggage with me because I would be packing a lot due to the temperature/duration of travel. But for hotter seasons and shorter stays, I might stick with just a Keepall. Again, it depends on how much you usually pack with you --- you might be out just for the weekend but carry a lot, then I suggest you get a roll on luggage. I usually get bigger arms after I travel. Lugging a bag is my weight training. LOL


Jan 7, 2009
I have used my speedy b 40 recently on a flight off island...took as carryon and I am soooo happy....cross body was comfy and used it most that way as I needed to be hands if the 45 or 50 is a tad bit too big you can consider speedy b as an option if you like mono...


Alexa is Kinda Fancy
Sep 26, 2010
Los Angeles CA
I have a vintage French Company Keepall (either 50 or 55, I forget which it is now!) and it makes a great carry-on bag. Like others have mentioned, a strap is really important. Mine didn't have a strap, so I went to a local luggage store. I was able to purchase a heavy, padded strap that matched. It worked well for me.
Sep 20, 2008
United States
I have a mono Keepall 50 but it is too large to carry on, and I am not comfortable checking it, worried it might "disappear." :nogood:

I use my Neverfull MM as a carry on.

That being said.......I fly into Newark a lot, and last time I was there a relatively younger couple, with a son, were getting their bags at baggage claim, retrieving two beautiful Keepalls they had checked.
Since I was carrying a LV I felt it was "ok" to ask the husband....
"Do you ever worry about your bags being stolen?"

He replied, "Not is nothing I can't replace."
There you go.


Jul 31, 2009
I bought a keepall and carried it to fly once- I found it to be WAY too heavy and uncomfortable for me to carry through the airport. I kept switching it from handles to shoulder, and it was just such a hassle. I used it once and then sold it.
I then bought a Cruiser 45, but same was TOO much hassle to carry it, too heavy and uncomfortable.
I won't do anymore luggage items without wheels- I would rather wheel my samsonite through the airport than try to wrestle with a


Laissez-faire Mom
Jul 21, 2008
Spa @ Jersey Shore & AZ
Here's a vote against LV rolling luggage. I have a Damier Pegase 50, but it does not have the 360 degree spinner wheels. Now, I roll my Samsonite through the airport because it has spinner wheels. The Pegase just sits in my closet.
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Simplistic Elegance
Dec 6, 2007
I think the Keepall is good if you're traveling by car and not so good for airport travel. I always travel with a carry-on that has wheels. I cannot imagine lugging around a carry-on on my shoulder or carrying it by hand.
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Uh oh...
Feb 10, 2007
I use my Speedy Voyage 45 as my carry-on bag and love it. It can get a bit heavy if you really pack it full but the different carrying options (shoulder/crossbody/handheld) really helps. I considered getting an LV rolling carryon (since I've always used rolling before) but I get super stressed about being the last one on a full flight and being forced to gate-check my bag. They only force people with rollers to gate check so I don't have to worry about them taking my duffel bag style speedy. Also, as a small petite gal, I sometimes find it difficult/awkward to store and remove a big rolling suitcase from the overhead bins so I prefer the duffel style hands down. Good luck deciding!