So TPF is my...

  1. Home page. :yes: :love: How many people do the same?

    Since the first day I joined it,
    I had set it up to my homepage. :shame:
    I am truly a fan of tPF...hehe...

  2. It's mine too!! Well, the blog is.. but the next click is always to the forum.
  3. same here :smile:
  4. Me too!

    I heart tPF!
  5. Aww it is mine too!!! :yahoo:
  6. it would be mine if i didn't have an SO. does that count? :smile:
  7. It would be if I knew how to change the home page.... I bought the laptop because of TPF.... Maybe I'll ask my 9 year old to help me change it. He helped me with my first posting, setting up the avatar, and making my signature. I was forced to use one of his pictures for the avatar.:smile: I'm so bad with anything high-tech!:crybaby:
  8. I would...but then my hubby would find it and sometimes I don't want him to see things I post LOL
  9. not my home page, but it's in my links so i can access it quickly (and often) :yes:
  10. Me too!:wlae:
  11. oh dear...i would never get ANY work done if that was the case...
  12. Its my homepage also....its so nice to just see tPF before hectic emails or IMs
  13. It is my home page... :yes:
  14. It would be my homepage... but I like to view headlines and check if I have any mail every day when I turn on my comp. :sweatdrop:
  15. my homepage is

    but i have tpf bookmarked!