so torn & obsessed - which one should i get?


Which one??

  1. Burberry Manor

  2. Burberry Satchel

  3. Dior Gaucho

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  1. okay guys - instead of focusing on work, i can't stop obsessing over 3 bags i want to get. They are the Burberry Manor in Chocolate Leather, the Burberry Small Satchel in Black Leather, and the Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle bag in brown or gold. They're all steals at this point in terms of pricing, so based on aesthetics alone, which one do you think I should get? I honestly love all 3, just need something to push me over the edge on one of 'em.......:sweatdrop: need to pull the trigger in the next couple of hours!

    Burberry Manor

    Burberry Small Satchel

    Dior Gaucho Bag
  2. I like the first one the best.
  3. Burberry Manor is my vote. I like the shape A LOT.
  4. I also vote for the Burberry Manor. It's something I would definately wear : )
  5. dior gaucho for sure!!
  6. im literally sitting here refreshing my browser every 30 seconds. this choice is driving me nuts!
  7. i love the manor!!!!
  8. Out of the three, I prefer the Gaucho.
  9. I Like the Dior.
  10. I voted for the Dior!
  11. The Dior is more casual and trendy, IMO. I love the shape of the Manor, very classy. I'm not keen on the small satchel, just looks too small (and I don't like the little piece that connects the handles at the top).
  12. I like both the Manor and the Gaucho. Manor is more classic, if you don't have a classic black bag in that size. The Gaucho is cool, different, edgy. It depends on what you want. Happy shopping!
  13. hmm, interesting...

    here are some pictures i found that drew me to these bags in the first place...perhaps they'll sway you! :graucho:
  14. The gaucho bag is a totally different look IMO, but it's still very nice. For me, though, I'd choose the Burberry satchel.
  15. Definitely the Manor. I love that bag! I saw it today out shopping, at either Bloomies or Nordstroms, don't remember which, but it was fabulous!