So today I

  1. today I went to macys to pick up a gift for someone, and i saw a signature stripe tote in the signature and guess which on it was????
    motherfreaking GOLDDDDDD!
    i am praying they have it after christmas.....well alot after christmas! ha ah ha i think they had a few of them1
    I didn't know that they made a gold one in the newer style!
    but i'm glad they did!
    but anyway i picked up a signature stripe wristlet in black and gunmetal... and i seriously debated wether to give it away or not1 it was really pretty, but in the end i gave it away like a good girl! :sad:
  2. what a good girl Yay for you
  3. I hope you get the GOLD!!!! I wanna see pics of it! :nuts:
  4. Oh yes...the GOLD Sig. Stripe is TDF!!!! I'd never seen it before, until I looked on the Nordies website. I was like:wtf: doesn't have this.....
  5. I've seen a lot of those at my local military exchange. If you know someone that could go on base check the marine or navy exchanges. They have a lot! They are very attractive. I was tempted to get one. But I really am in love with the pink (punch i think it's called) stripe that came earlier this year or last year. That was so beautiful.
  6. I havent been to our Air Force base in a few weeks, but next time I go I deff need to see if they have the gold color. I :heart: the color too.
    Megan, I will let you know if I see anything.
  7. I believe the gold signature stripe was only re-issued (with the straps going all the way down the bag) for department was never at the Coach boutique.

    I have the old style signature stripe tote in gold...omg, it's sooooo stinkin' pretty. My SIL has one and I just HAD to get one (I just can't use it when I go to visit her! heheh) The gold really is a year round color too IMO.
  8. Being nice has it rewards. Hope you get the gold.