SO tivoli???

  1. okay, so before it even hits the stores. haha. i was wondering what lining the tivoli has. if its the brown textile lining i think i am going to SO one with alacantra. but what color would you get?
  2. You can't special order it
  3. awww, why?
  4. No SO's are accepted until 2 years after a line/item is produced.
  5. ^^^gotcha. thanks matt and Lvbabydoll
  6. No problem. :smile:
  7. And who knows if it will be around for 2 years... I can't remember if it is limited like the Theda, Leonor, Klara, and the Mizi were...
  8. Even if it's SO-able, would you pay a 30% markup just to change the lining?
  9. I am not sure if you could so -when a special order is possible after some time- a different lining to a bag, I guess they would say it is the alteration of an existing design and not do it.
  10. Yes, I think that's true. When I special ordered a Damier Speedy 25 in 2004, I asked for them to add the metal chads to the handle that can hold a detachable strap (like on the Alma), but LV wouldn't do it.

    And, even if LV would allow a change to the lining on an existing bag for a special order, I don't think it would really be worth spending the extra money just to have a different interior lining color - no one will see it anyways! I would rather spend the money on a special order for the exterior - example, a Cabas Mezzo/Piano in the ebene Damier print. (LV should just add this to the Damier regular line, IMO!)