So tired...

  1. Lately I've been really tired. It's been hard for me to get up in the mornings and I just feel like I can sleep all day. Last night I slept almost 12 hours and I could easily go to bed right now again. Any thoughts on what might be wrong? Thanks!
  2. That is typical for me, early mornings are very rough, I can easily sleep about 12-14 hours a night, etc, but I think the reason for that is because of an illness I have, and one of the problems it causes is excessive fatigue.
    You should really see a doctor, especially if this is new to you, and it's not normal for you. Get some blood work done(CBC, thyroid tests, etc.) Have you had any other symptoms?
    Also, depression can cause fatigue, also, so take that into consideration.
    I hope it gets better soon for you!!
  3. Iron deficiency can cause you to be tired a lot, so can thryroid issues. If it continues for more than a week or two, definitely see your doctor. Try going to bed and getting up at the same time for a few days. I know that if I sleep >10 hours, I feel more tired than if I had only slept 5 or 6. You don't need 12 hours of sleep, so it will likely just throw your sleep cycle off for the next day.
  4. What ^^they said could be reasons. Think about what may have changed with diet, activity, etc. If it doesn't improve within a week or 2, I would see my doctor.
  5. IA. I have anemia which is cause by iron deficiency and I know that when my iron is low I can sleep all day, I'm constantly tired, doing even the smallest things is hard because I feel so fatigued, so definitely go to a doctor and get some tests done.
  6. for years now, I've been sleeping 12-16 hours several days a week... :hrmm:
  7. Iron deficiency, sleeping at inconsistent times, eating or drinking too much before bed, stress, depression, thyroid issues and mono could all be explanations for why you are so tired. Are you doing anything differently?
  8. I think this time of year also makes a lot of people tired due to the lack of natural sunlight...It's awful.

    I've been feeling ultra tired lately too
  9. I have the same problem. I thought it was the weather. better catch up on my iron
  10. get tested for mono
  11. I get tired like that sometimes. But I have all kinds of issues with insomnia too. So part of it could be not getting good sleep. I also think my hormones play a large part of it. Sometimes I'll notice myself being unusually tired, like I am right now. I just took a 3 hour nap and had to force myself to get up to do some work. But I am sooooo tired and grumpy I feel like a zombie. I think sometimes I just get overly exhausted or my hormones make me tired or it could be depression. I went to the doctor once way back when for it and they ran a bunch of tests and said I was probably just a little stressed/depressed and needed some extra rest at the time.
  12. Not sure of your age but I went thru this about 1-1/2 years ago. It turned out to be underactive thryoid. I never really gave it too much thought but was always taking naps. I'd come home from work and have to take a nap before cooking dinner. How long have you been feeling that way?
  13. Thanks everyone for your concern. Just a little update, after I went to bed that night I did feel a lot better. I'm thinking it might have been due to stress on finals and what not. Although, I have been sleeping about 12 hours almost every night. This probably started in August or so. Never used to be like this. I'm thinking it is partly due to low iron and probably should take some vitamins.

    Thanks all for the help.
  14. I do the exact same thing. If nobody forces me to get up, I can sleep for an insane amount of time.