So those in NYC tried Kelly Caleche Fragrance yet?

  1. i did a search and didn't find anything (or I'm completely blind) Those who have been to the new store have you tried the new fragrance? I love anything kelly so the name immediately attracted me despite the female perfume. though some reviews have said that the scent should be unisex, leather, flowers and grapefruit dont say man to me? (though they sound delicious)
    heres a pic:

    I also found out that there are now new designed and larger bottles (400ml) of 24 Faubourg, Calèche, l’Eau des Merveilles, Bel Ami, Équipage, Hiris, Amazone. i like them but the stickers look a bit chanel. but good news for those who like to buy in bulk lol. the site said these are priced at €195.00-€295.00
  2. Hi NM....I tried it and at first was "uch, nothing special"...but then it dried and I was practically making love to my wrist...its a lovely light unisex smell, imagine Caleche without any musky tones...very clean, almost like the smell of a new bag....
  3. I think i am being attracted to it!!! I have a weakness for fragrances (and add H to that lol) I always get them for B'day's but it's so impersonal i like to choose my smell, and it kills me if i cant smell the perfume so i open the bottle lol. I had to of load off 8 bottles to my friend so i could justify Vetriver Tonka. Though my 2 versace perfumes are 1/4 left maybe if i finish them ill buy this to replace them. (its nto limited is it?) I do however have male du fleur by JPG, which is quite feminine (i got it as a gift i don't think i would have bought it) but i do like it.
  4. Will have to try!
  5. So excited for this!!

    Thanks for the links and head's up! I just :heart: JC Ellena.
  6. Sounds fantastic!!!
  7. I did try a sample. Unfortunately it didn't work too well with my skin's chemistry.
  8. I tried it today - it reminds me of Calandre by Paco Rabanne (I know I am dating myself here) but maybe more unisex. I am thinking about buying a bottle but would like my husband to check it out first (after all, he has to smell me all the time).
  9. i am wearing it now and love it.

    mysteriously though people kept switching AWAY from sitting next to me on the train. coincidence? hope so.
  10. How exciting! I get giddy when a new frngrance comes out from H...almost as good as the new scarves...
  11. I wear Caleche so I'll have to check this out.
  12. I know its so bitter sweet for me since i love H perfumes but i have to wait till September to try it out! (oh does anyone know if they have samples vials at the store it just occurred to me that my friend is going to H in NY and can get me one!)
  13. Ooooh, am also very interested in and curious about this.

    What is it like? Is it similar to any of the other *H* fragrances? I read one review that described it to be a bit like Rose Ikebana laced with leather. Would love to have your feedback.

  14. yes my sa said it was very much like rose ikebana and that it had notes of leather. to me i think caleche smells like soap and this was very light- not as soapy. i am so bad with perfumes so i wish i could explain it more but i can't. lol