So this shortage of boxcalf leather..

  1. We're reading/hearing that boxcalf is in short supply and is very hard to come by these days and yet, in the "What have u seen where" thread and holiday report threads, there occasionally are box Kellys just sitting around in stores. And Peanutbabycakes just reported that the Buenos Aires store had a 35 choc box Birkin (which she bought:yahoo:).

    So, this leads me to question.. how scarce exactly is box leather at the moment?:confused1:
  2. my sense was not that it was scarce but that it was not going to be used going forward. if that's true, then boxcalf bags WILL be scarce because once they are off the shelves, they won't be replaced. yikes.
  3. I thought that at first, too, but I don't know, HiHeels. Box leather is such classic Hermes, it doesn't seem like they'd ever think of discontinuing it. If it becomes difficult to get good quality skins from their current supplier, they may just scout around for an alternative tannery.

    I would hope they never discontinue box -- it's gorgeous stuff!
  4. I agree gina- box is a quintessential Hermes leather- and I can't imagine more than a temporary spell without it. I can't wait to see pix of peanutbabycakes' new box treasure!
  5. Yes I love Box too - compared to say Clemence. I had ordered a Box 35 and my store manager told me that Paris had informed her it would take longer than usual before I can get mine, coz they're having a hard time getting skins that are flawless to produce the Box leather. So it's not going to be discontinued, just slow and trickling in...that's my understanding.
  6. missp...that's exactly what I have been told, too.
  7. My store manager has cancelled all box calf orders because of the shortage. She must have reckoned that it is unrealistic to have a long back order, and want customers to think of the alternative. Sounds like a lot of new bags are going to be in Swift.
  8. My SA told me that if they find a good batch of leather (eg box calf), you will see a lot of items in that leather... Could be that the bags available now were from the last good batch of box leather that Hermes had procured and that for the time being they cant get a new batch good enough... I also heard that Hermes takes in the best 20% of each batch only...

  9. I dont think they want to discontinue it.
    But my SA did say all the box SOs are on hold now.
    She don't expect to get much box purses in the coming months.

    But I don't think its a hopeless case. It shd come back. :yes:
  10. Wow, I hope and pray that box and chamonix will not be discontinued by H!!

    I have yet to own my rouge h chamonix birkin, LOL..

    And I def want a box calf kelly..

    Geez I want too much stuff, LOL!
  11. ^^Tell me about it! I too want a boxcalf sellier 32 Kelly and a few other things:smile:)

    Thanks to all who responded. I'll just learn to grow some patience until such a time when flawless boxcalf is in good supply to H again! Good to know it's not being discontinued.:smile:
  12. I SO a Chocolate Box Kelly at last July's Podium and my SA said it's been accepted, she also said it should arrive next S/S season......but...who knows??:shrugs:
  13. Hey, that's great, Duna!:yahoo: I reckon choc box is simply luscious!:love: Was your SO for a 32? And sellier or retourne?

  14. SS, it's a retournè 35; all my Kellys are 32, and I find them a tad small, (I prefer biggish bags) so I'm going to try a 35...Actually it looks smaller than a 35 Birkin because it's narrower and also the "A" shape makes it look smaller, so I think it'll be OK; also I want to get the wide canvas strap (Bandoulière) for it, as the regular one seems too thin on a 35....
  15. Oooh, nice! Yeah, I think the shape of the Kelly makes them look smaller. This bandouliere, how long is it? Is it adjustable?